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A peek of hanging bottles’ origin

Published: 01/18/2016

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Making a wedding reception attractive are these fascinating hanging bottles. It’s been a trend since the western wedding scene introduced this chic ornament to us, but did you know where this enthusiasm started?



According to, the idea of hanging bottles was taken by North America and Europe from the African slaves back during the time when they believe that spirits can be trapped into the bottles. It was then the bottles that are placed on myrtle tree branches before Americans hung them on it. Now, this belief became a pleasing ornament that couples wanted on their wedding venues.



 Town’s Delight The Caterer also took an initiative of taking this western obsession to its beloved clients. Bringing the delight that these decorations definitely give, couples truly appreciate its splendor.


You can get the same feel of romance with these hanging bottles around your desired venue only with Town’s Delight. 

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