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Ang Lihim ni Lola (Cecilia)

Ang Lihim ni Lola (Cecilia)

Published: 04/15/2016

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Want to know the secret of this intriguing delicacy? With more than 12 years of making patrons in love with its taste, this delight with a secret created a bang. And yes, it was made even Republic of Cavite restaurant was established.


According to Town’s Delight The Caterer’s executive chef, Ms. Connie Pacumio, who was also the apprentice of Ms. Cecilia Pacumio, founder of the company, they thought of something to bring a new flavor to their patrons. At first, they made a suman recipe but they find it very common. So, they settled in balinghoy as basis to this new idea. Creating an innovation of more appetizing look, they colored it ube, though it has no ube at all, they also added more coconut milk to make it more creamy. They also removed the idea of sealing it in banana leaf to really make it new in the eyes of people. After tasting it, it still did not satisfied them, so they again thought of a taste that reverses the sweetness and added salted egg, which is famous in the town of Tanza, where the kitchen was that time.


As they introduced this new creation, patrons really had the pleasure of taste. The name itself became popular around the town and people started to order in bulk. It was a blast of great feedback and started to bring joy to every family ordering it.


This delicacy still was innovated through the years and made it finer in texture and strategically molded for a yummy taste. It needs three hours of cooking—but still, that is not the secret this food refers in its name. The secret this dish denotes is the awesome surprise after you take the first bite. It has a delightful filling that would surely be loved, as the people who tasted it experienced.And if you are asking who the “Lola” in the name is, she is no other than the inventor herself, Ms. Cecilia, who is also a loving grandmother to her grandchildren.


Most balikbayans order this for their families and still bring abroad for their friends to experience a delectable and original Filipino creation. It is suggested to consume it within the day, but it can still be good for consumption after two days.

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