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Celebrities on Wooden Chairs

Published: 02/04/2015

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Weddings have gone beyond just the celebration. If we think of it, details should now be considered very much important in order to have the fullness of this occasion. From the food being served, number of guests, right sartorial, reception set -up… and believe it or not, even the chairs you choose matters.



There is a need to pair your dashing motif with the right and appropriate chairs. That is why Town’s Delight The Caterer brings another first on the wedding scene in the province of Cavite— Tagaytay Country Chairs. This classic yet very stylish wooden chair takes the whole occasion into an atmosphere of glamour.




With motifs like Spanish, French, Countryside, Vintage, Multicultural, Seaside, and a lot more, you can achieve the wedding you are dreaming of. And more than the appearance that these chairs give to your wedding, it also has its unique features as such:


Durability— compared to other chairs, this kind of wooden chair lasts longer. Made by strong kind of tree, it can endure weights that other chairs cannot carry.  It also requires less maintenance and has more capacity to be stable even if spilled with different liquid in the kitchen.


Value— since made of wood, each piece of this material is certainly distinctive. It is more valuable than any other material. Coming from the magical care of Mother Nature, this chair could cost higher but paid lower.


Appearance—this piece of nature could turn your beautiful theme into magical one. It creates an atmosphere of elegance and charm, turning your wedding extra special. And even your guests can appreciate that feel for sure.



No wonder why celebrities chose Tagaytay Country Chairs in their weddings. Like Mr. and Mrs. Chito Miranda. They had these seats during their wedding in Tagaytay City, pairing it with their own theme and special moments. Even the newlywed Yeng Constantino and Yan Asuncion considered these magnificent seats in their wedding.


Tagaytay Country Chairs should then be taken into a great consideration when planning your wedding. Complete the excitement and fulfill the theme of your wedding by availing these chairs.

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