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Honest to Goodness

Honest to Goodness

Published: 03/12/2015

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What does your caterer tries to offer? In choosing your food provider for any of your special events, what do you consider to be important? In your wedding budget, food always has the biggest budget cut—wanting your guests to always be full and satisfied. And what should be considered in deciding what catering service provider would you choose?


Here is a simple guideline to help you decide:


Great Tasting Dishes

Remember that you will get a catering service provider because of their food, not of anything else. So, before being enticed by discounts and other promos, check their food if they really satisfy your taste buds. It should be a “no no” for you to compromise taste over anything else. Know if the catering business uses fresh and organic ingredients for their dishes. It is an assurance of the quality you will get if you choose them.


Food Presentation

After checking the taste, consider also how they would present your food. Your guests will first judge the food if it has an appetizing look. No matter how palatable the food is without the great presentation, there is no way that your guests would enjoy. Especially with wedding events, it is a must to check the presentation of your dishes. This will also determine the completeness of your event.


Food Variation

Every guest has their own food preference, some want their dishes a bit salty, and some want it a bit sweet. While other guests want chicken for their diet, others want the pleasure of eating pork or beef. You must give them that choice in choosing your caterer. Guests will be disappointed without the variation of tastes.They will definitely get something negative about your event, so never compromise this concern for the welfare of all.


Experience in Food Catering

It is important for that you would consider their work as food service providers. Know how they serve and if they have good feedbacks from their past events. This way, you will have the assurance of your choice. You should never take the risk of serving bad food to your guests.



There are a lot of food caterers around these days, and a lot of promos to entice you. One of the problems with caterers without credibility in the industry is that they might run with your money. Considering that you will pay much, you should choose a credible one. Trust is very important and this one is proven by the number of years in the industry.


With all these qualities, a local caterer in southern Luzon possesses them all—Town’s Delight The Caterer. Without too much of talk and insignificant add-ons, they assure the food quality. Indeed, honest to goodness.They don’t have much promos and add-ons—they give food at its finest. Town’s Delight knows how to value your money and how you want it to be well-spent. That’s why they concentrate on what is really important. Beyond the quality they give in setting-up the motif and other suppliers, they give the best foods for any events.


Distinctly original dishes, healthy and organic ingredients that are freshly harvested, nearer kitchens around Metro Tagaytay and Trece Martires City—That’s how they assure their food service at its finest. Not to mention the 41 long and great food catering years for all their most valued clients. You can assure that all food served are great tasting and has a lot of variations.


That’s why at Town’s Delight, beyond any promos and add-ons—we give just mouthwatering and internationally acclaimed cuisines.

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