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One Plate at a Time

One Plate at a Time

Published: 04/23/2015

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On its 41 years of serving delightful cuisines, Town’s Delight The Caterer assures an unchanging quality of food and excellent service.


When we started, we took pleasure in serving food only to our relatives and friends—seeing their joy as they take our food pushed us to build up a small business. We thought of making our humble town take delight with our service, that’s why we named our business, Town’s Delight. From the start, we never compromise our food to a work of mediocrity. We always strive for an excellent job that would really satisfy every customer we have. This mind-set strengthened us to bring well prepared meals to those who have entrusted us. And indeed, up to date, we never want this to change. We believe that part of our success in catering for long years is this.


Calling it One Plate at a Time, Town’s Delight promises to serve only the best. To make sure of this action, we do not accept too many reservations per day. Yes, we observe quality over money. We have learned to value each client we cater. There is no way that we call ourselves reputable if we start getting more than what we can handle just to say that we have a lot of bookings. One Plate at a Time represents our priority to a certain number of four events or less in a day. That is why, once you book with us, you already have our focus and all our attention—giving the right service as our valued clients have requested.  Rest assured of every service we could give to make the most out of the package chosen. We do more than what a business requires, because our aim is to satisfy the need of our clients.



It is our joy to give and to satisfy—witnessing a lot of events, we learned how to value the occasions our clients. Indeed being part of every momentous celebration gives us the motivation to always give our best and to work as if we one of the celebrant. Every staff is in one with our core value—being good to every person we serve, in action and in words.


Our strength as an events supplier is that we know how to personalize our packages according to what our clients want. We don’t just throw a package but consult it to our client until they get contented. By means of continuous communication, we always see to it that they approve things in their event.


Town’s Delight takes quality time learning the best in every occasion, giving much effort to each client. We do not rush things and make quick decisions instead we make sure that every centavo our clients spend would be worth it. Without a doubt, time is very important and we make sure that we balance the events that we handle—making sure that each has the same attention. We show no favoritism for every client we serve becomes an apple of our eyes.


And as we continue to move forward, we are confident of giving you our service One Plate at a Time.

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