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Princess Apple Events to Town's Delight The Caterer

Princess Apple Events to Town's Delight The Caterer

Published: 04/18/2015

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With a background in computer systems manipulation, who would have thought that this graduate with academic excellence award would enter into the wedding and events industry? Ms. Abigail Vidal admitted that she never wanted to be a wedding coordinator before. In an interview, she shared that after finishing her course in a computer institution, she just wanted to get a job. And since she saw the opportunity that Town’s Delight The Caterer opened during a job fair, she tried her chance to be one of the Sales Personnel. With great academic background and pleasing personality, she got the job. After years of training, she got to learn the basics in sales and marketing—molding her into someone that has the perfect quality of dealing with clients. 


Ms. Abigail was able to apply her interests in needle works and solving analytical problems in dealing with soon to be wedded couples—sewing numerous details until a complex problem becomes a whole and an appealing event. She was given a lot of advices from the owner of Town’s Delight himself, Mr. Andrew Pacumio in dealing with clients. She was reminded how important it is to prepare herself as a sales person in every word she has to tell whenever there is a call from a client. That’s why she doesn’t answer a certain call without proper preparation. Know the basics and never be idealistic in tackling details with the clients—these words remained in her mind. She learned to embrace this industry and loved every detail of it.




She felt the need of moving out from the company and start to build her own name as a coordinator. In 2010, she finally built up Princess Apple Events. Ms. Abigail was misidentified as a coordinator even before she moved out. Clients thought that because of her meticulous and detailed help in delivering a grandiose wedding event, she is a wedding coordinator and not a sales officer. This mentality helped her get clients right away. As she began her work as a wedding and events coordinator, she really had a hard time. They started to coordinate weddings in different barrios and it really gave them challenging experiences.


With the help of the new technology, she made her educational background a tool to enter her business into the online world. Different social networking sites like and others were used to display her packages for couples. While having all these things in her mind, she realized that her learnings at Town’s Delight are not enough until she made it her own. Having the same suppliers but has a total different responsibility to manage. Ms. Abigail learned how to sell herself—committing every service she has to her clients.

To help her in reaching more clients in the south, in 2011, she has to joined Town’s Delight’s The Wedding Store, a one-stop-shop office in Tagaytay City. True enough, her membership made way for her company to get more clients. They started to have a blast of customers getting their services. 
Princess Apple Events indeed is ready to organize and coordinate whatever event you have. They know how to listen and they pride for their great leadership with their years of experience. They educate their clients with what they really need in a certain occasion. Also, they support the local market of Tagaytay—from where they can ask for support if ever they need. They believe that the good chemistry between the different local wedding suppliers give a great benefit to the clients.
And to those who are not yet convinced in hiring an events coordinator, here is a response from Ms. Abigail: “Kung makita mo lahat ng dapat mong kailanganin sa wedding event, makikita mo na kailangan mo kami.”

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