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Town’s Delight envisions WOWING people

Town’s Delight envisions WOWING people

Published: 07/14/2015

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If we are going to choose between “making business “and “bringing experiences”, we are absolutely going to choose “bringing experiences”.


In our 41st year, Town’s Delight learns the value of every customer being served. Wedding, as our primary event brings families together. It’s not just two people uniting but also two families that would start a lineage. Having this idea in our minds, we understand that wedding preparation really matters in starting a great approach to forever.



Nick and Jackie's Wedding @ Casablanca Tagaytay


We have been serving couples for decades and what we want this time is to bring their experiences to a state where they can be WOWED. Indeed, such events last for years that is why we also want to bring memories that matter—something that can be great to recall in the latter times of every guests especially for the families who attended the wedding.


Our vision is “To WOW people with experiences and memories we bring”.


And as a response to this new challenge we have, we are equipping our front liners, our waiters by giving them motivational trainings and other inspirational guidelines to achieve this picture of success. Since they are the ones who face our clients, we believe that every move they make in the event creates big impact.


Town’s Delight believes in the power of innovations. And though our company exists since 1974, we do not want our company to settle on where we are but consistently strategize and learn the new trends to serve the best for our most valued clients.