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Wedding Traditions We No Longer Observe

Published: 06/10/2016

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Imagine if couples would still be barred to see each other before their wedding. It would keep them from making final decisions together. But in the past, this tradition is carefully observed—it is believed that when fixed marriage was still done, seeing your bride’s or groom’s face before the wedding might give them the reason to run away.

 Aside from this, here is the list of different traditions which are no longer practiced:  

1. Throwing rice after the ceremony  
You may have witnessed rural weddings still with this tradition—as a wish of prosperity and fertility to the couple—but for most couples, this is no longer observed. For most, safety precautions should be done, because throwing rice may lead to unwanted eye-irritation not just for the couple but also to the young ones who are part of the entourage.Others would prefer confetti.   

2. Bouquet and garter toss   
From the usual tossing of bouquet and garter comes innovations and creative ideas—making this simple doing to an exciting one. Organizers would ask guests who are single to do a certain game to get these pieces from the newlyweds.   

3. One color-themed wedding   
Definitely doesn’t have any implications but is no longer considered—having one color-themed wedding. Gone were the days when a wedding event only has one color that even guests would consider. Couples are now free to mix and match colors to fill their wedding, signifying their colorful occasion.   

4. Your father would take you down the aisle   
This dramatic moment is still emerging, but for the brides who no longer have their father with them, they welcome the idea of walking down the aisle with their mother or closest relative. For some, they do it alone—making themselves standout theatrically.   

5. The white dress   
White gowns would signify the bride’s purity before his groom. Most would still prefer this tradition, but others prefer making their own wedding mark—dressing up with a colorful gown.   
What tradition will you still observe and try to break? Well, above all else, may your love flourish and your journey lead you to a delightful destination.