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The Culture of Delight: Values and Culture of Town's Delight

The Culture of Delight: Values and Culture of Town's Delight

Published: 12/03/2015 by Noel C. Icatlo, Ph.D.

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"We give our best because our work is important to our customers."


"At Town's Delight, we are treated as family members, not just employees."


These are simple but powerful words coming straight from the horses' mouth, so to speak. While they give an impression of being reserved, employees of Town's Delight do not run out of words when asked about the company, their work and the kind of atmosphere in which they endeavor to contribute to the overall effort to wow their clients.


A sense  of belonging and pride

Loyalty is one value that seems to form part of the cultural core of Town's Delight as it readily manifests itself the moment employees start talking about how long they have been working with the company. The fact that a good number of persons have been with Town's Delight for a long time-some of them more than a decade already - speaks of a sense of belonging and affiliation that people appear to have towards their organization.


This becomes more distinct as they speak proudly of their role in the Company. The lone Warehouse Staff, for instance, immediately gives an impression of confidence and pride as he speaks of his role in the materials management process. The Sales Stewards exude a similarly high premium that they attach to their work as they talk about their role in closing deals with clients and in generating events.




“Crafting a Stunning Pitch” workshop by Dr. Noel Icatlo, Ph. D. last November 4, 2015 @ Republic of Cavite Restaurant's

Sala De Gobernador 


Generally positive work environment

One cannot fail to capture positive vibes emanating from the administrative offices, the warehouse, the commissary and restaurant.  Discrete but unmistakable nonverbal expressions of general satisfaction as can be easily gleaned from the people's faces and in the way they meet and greet a guest make for a positive atmosphere in which people seem to be generally happy and satisfied. This is to be  subsequently confirmed by the sales stewards who expressed relation over their sense of accomplishment and the way the President values and supports them as members of the working family, not just employees. The department heads  seem to share this sense of satisfaction as can be gathered from the high level of morale from which they approach their respective works.


Given this backdrop, it is not difficult at all to understand why and how Town's Delight has been on the leading edge of the foodservice industry for a long time now in Cavite, particularly Metro Tagaytay. The feelings of satisfaction of the Company which can be sustained and enhanced further to increase its industry competitiveness.


Cautious optimism

Employee definitely share an optimistic view that the Company will retain its prominent stature in the industry in the years to come. But it is also noticeable that they share a subdued apprehension in the wake of the creeping competition that is slowly posing threats to the toe with their counterparts affiliated with the rival companies. They feel that the competition is fast becoming price-point struggle, as they can see how new players are more aggressive and can dive in their pricing just to snatch new clientele. Thankfully, the sales stewards are not about to lose spirits given this increasingly competitive landscape. On the contrary, they find themselves having to develop new strategies for a stronger hold on the clients and potential clients. They also feel that the Company would be at a sure advantage given more creative pricing schemes and broader leeway for sales stewards in negotiating with the prospective clients. Ultimately, as long as they remain sincere and competent stewards to their clients, they will continue to make a difference on the Company's bottom line.

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