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The Story of Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay

Published: 05/07/2015

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Have you tasted the distinctively delightful cakes from Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay? In an interview Mr. Renzie Baluyut, the Owner and Marketing Manager shared that their edge among all cake suppliers in Metro Tagaytay is the taste of what they offer, with no hesitations at all. And to begin with, he wanted to convince everyone by telling how they started with this business.


Nung una, paraket-raket lang yan… Pero after a while, napansin namin na medyo gumaganda yung volume ng pasok ng order…”


In April of 2012, they started to get orders but only from their friends and family. By that time they were still not thinking of any area of advancement, but after six months, they have garnered popularity among clients, they started to make some serious adjustments with their operations. Baluyut, left his corporate job to take charge of their business. With his background in Marketing, he was able to manage the promotion of their business, especially online. Knowing how Tagaytay City boomed as a destination, they took chance of enticing possible clients and really made this major move in their life.


And when asked what made them choose cakes in the first place, Baluyut confessed that they really have no experiences with cakes at all. They just began baking at home just to seek pleasure.


“Well, the idea was to put up a panaderia—breads, as in tinapay… not even pastries. Ngayon, nung nag-ikot na kami sa mga hotels and restaurants [offering them our supply]. They said na hindi namin kailangan ng tinapay, ang kailangan namin cake. So, nung gan’un ang sinabi, we thought of a cakeshop. At yun ang naging direksyon namin.”


After a while they invested with it. They enrolled themselves to baking classes in order to really have that formal training. It was then his wife and his sister-in-law who thought of putting up a business as such. Then, they joined several fairs for weddings and events in Tagaytay.



“There are a lot of weddings in Tagaytay, and honestly, hindi namin kayang i-supply lahat… But pinaparamdam namin [to our clients] yung certain quality in terms of service and product [once they avail].”


And as all businesses encounter, Sofia’s also faced struggles when they started. They had a hard time positioning their store and how they would compete with other cake suppliers. But they managed these issues and stood still—giving service to their clients. They also thought of no longer thriving of going further the local market of the south. They do not accept bookings in distant places, but decided to focus in the province and the rest of the places nearby, unless, there would be some instances to consider.


Sofia’s Cakes also supports the local wedding suppliers in Tagaytay. They shared that there was that certain regret that couples feel after getting a supplier from distant places like Metro Manila. Baluyut thought that they could get the same quality or even better in the local market without extra charges. By then, they started to realize to promote suppliers from the south.


And if you are wondering why they named their business “Sofia’s”, Baluyut giggles as he told us that Sofia is the name of his mother-in-law. Yes, and if you are asking why, it’s because they first operated in their house, and actually, they operate there until now.  It basically makes their cakes more charming to their clients, knowing that it is still that simple—home based company. It’s their strategy not to accept mass orders; instead, they focus on clients that they can really handle well.“And even if we expand, we would stay there.” He added.


In the small world of Tagaytay wedding industry, Sofia’s Cakes met Town’s Delight in a bridal fair. After some shared word, these two strong businesses became partners in catering a perfect wedding experience to all couples.


“We learn from them [Town’s Delight], na-meet naming yung ibang suppliers… Basically, with Town’s Delight malalaman mo kung sino ang mga okay na suppliers. Marami na kasing suppliers sa weddings kaya if you, [as a client] would like to know kung sino ang magandang ka-trabaho, dun papasok si Town’s [Delight].”Generally, Baluyut is thankful with the help that Town’s Delight has given.



Finally, the owner would like to tell their clients the innovation they did in presenting cakes. They grew from simple baking to elegant and mouthwatering cake creations. They even offer different delightful treats to their clients like candy stations that really give a different feel in a wedding event. Further, Sofia’s also ventures in organizing kid’s parties that would support their sweet treats for everyone.


Aside from concentrating on Sofia’s Cakes’ promotion, Baluyut exerts time with his property business Tagaytay Lots for Sale. He is now eyeing for events and other activities that supports and promotes not just his businesses but also the entire local establishments in Tagaytay.


So, if you are looking for cakes that gives that certain quality of taste and service, Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay would definitely be a great choice. It’s been professed by clients and they would really recommend their products. Try their awesome creations and experience one of Tagaytay City’s pride when it comes to cakes and other sweet delights.

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