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There is much more in cooking

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There is much more in cooking

Published: 07/16/2015

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While everybody rush with the things around and embracing the cycle of modernized living, Town’s Delight The Caterer managed to have some time to know a different approach in cooking as some of its staff attended “Cooking for the Soul” in Brahma Kumaris Tagaytay last July 12, 2015.


Adding meditation in the process of cooking makes difference, this is what this event expressed to us in attending their seminar. The mood you have in preparing your food certainly affects how the consumers taste it. And not just meditation, Brahma Kumaris also advocates having a healthy living by being vegetarians. Having in mind the benefits of eating only vegetables and other none-meat based products; Brahma Kumaris unveiled the different vegetarian recipes which are not just healthy but also flavorsome and well presented.


Recipes like Vegetarian Kaldereta, Adobong Puso (ng Saging), Assorted Pakora, Cream Tamato Soup and more were shared to all of us and we had the pleasure of taste without the guilt of any bad cholesterol. Cooked with the right perspective and proper meditation, we felt the positivity around and had so much fun tasting these new set of meals.


Afterwards, the staff of the retreat center shared their stories in embracing living as vegetarians. They inspired us how to overcome meat cravings as well as the teases they got from the people around them. Ms. Sushila, one of their senior staff told us that her determination to this kind of living made her strong despite of the fact that her living is not as ordinary as the others. Knowing the cause of this decision would really settle the mind and will not allow any temptation around.


Most participants came all the way from Metro Manila while others came from the different provinces in the south. One of them is Ms. Gigi who was a stroke patient years ago. She was encouraged to join this kind of activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Brahma Kumaris ensures the benefits of the food we eat as well as the importance of food preparation, this parallelizes the advocacy of Town’s Delight The Caterer which aims to WOW people with experiences and memories we bring. This activities would help us bring the best only for our valued clients.

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