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Town’s Delight Ultimate Perks and Freebies

Published: 03/06/2015

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As the years pass by, we have come to learn the dos and don’ts in the catering industry. We tried several strategies to win clients with what we offer. And yes, it was effective—bringing much perks and freebies make our clients lavish on their special occasion.


But with 41 years in the industry, what can be the ultimate perks and freebies that we can offer? Is it free entrees, drinks, stations, cakes? Town’s Delight The Caterer guarantees that the ultimate perk and freebie that we can offer is our INTEGRITY and COMMITMENT.



Indeed, we can give much of what we offer and beyond our clients’ expectations, but beyond that is the name that has been trusted with more than four decades in providing most excellent foods and services. We have been very visible in all wedding events and we take joy in every part of it. We take pride because of this, and now, we offer our “Timeless” gift to all.


And the reason why we keep on repeating the number of years in our campaigns is because that sole fact gives our company the distinction from the others. Many detractors came and tried to pursue our patrons, but they remained with us, knowing that our integrity guarantees the success of their event.


More than the perks and freebies, we give our commitment to serve. We make sure to give equally excellent services to each client we cater without any bias. You don’t need to be a relative to have special treatments, because we want you to experience the best of what we give. We suggest a wedding you want adjusting to your budget, and if not, we still suggest the supplier that suits your taste. Here at Town’s Delight, the pleasure comes when we see our clients satisfied and exceedingly joyous. We don’t want anything to fall short because that is our commitment.


We don’t oversell our packages. We give just offering as described. In fact, we want to surpass the expectations of our clients through that. Simple as we define, but surely something remarkable when executed. Aside from the food and different amenities that we provide, quality service from our staff is also something we take joy to. We prepared them with proper dealing to clients and they are as well in one with the company—giving the best for our clients.


So, are you looking for the ultimate perk and freebie? Think twice with what is being offered.

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