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Grilled Blue Marlin with Lime Butter Sauce

Grilled Blue Marlin with Lime Butter Sauce

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Published: 10/14/2015

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With over forty years, Town’s Delight The Caterer evolved from just providing food into providing almost everything needed for an event. Event organizers have given all the best options to satisfy customers to what they want. Years ago, you have to talk to a lot of suppliers just to get the right kind of celebration you desire for your occasion, but now it’s different—


With the influence from the west, we have come to a point of changing the traditional use of fabrics to design a certain area in our venues. Now, it’s a battle between our designs years ago and now. We believe that what we do in the local wedding scene doesn’t depend on what we usually see around us; instead, we take a look at our own set-up before and try to improve with the inspiration brought to us by the weddings outside the country. This, we believe, set us apart from the different caterers from the province, since we envision a bigger scope of events and target market.


We have seen our valued clienteles amazed with the kind of set-up we were exerting throughout our events, that’s when we started to get more of these ideas. From elegant set-ups to rustic, from the use of crystal chairs to wooden chairs—indeed, it was an explosion of different ideas just to satisfy the kind of look couples would want to see.


Blending the right materials to achieve different wedding themes in different venues is really a challenge and it inspired us to strive for more. Yes, we never settled for what we already have, we searched for more inspiration and tried to maximize our resources.


One thing we discovered in the process of innovation is that there is no need for us to spend much on the materials or locate them far from where we are. Town’s Delight, from the very beginning, is an advocate of local products and it became an inspiration to us that instead of getting materials elsewhere, we supported some local businesses by making them our partners in supplying our needed materials.


Now, from getting pegs from the west, we now incorporate our existing designs to our customers’ desire. You no longer have to think much of what suits the venue because we already got it for you. And if you happen to see better ideas, then we are open to improve our own designs. We understand what couples would want to achieve since special occasions don’t happen every day, so we manage to please not just our services but most especially our beloved clienteles.


Gone were the days of just providing food. Now, when you say Town’s Delight, don’t just expect delightful cuisines but also splendid venue set-ups and designs that would surely amaze your guests. We encourage you to book your events with a reliable caterer—with a combination of great food and set-up. 

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