2015 Wedding Trends

by Wedding In The Sky on 01/22/2015 - 12:54 pm |

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Before tying the knot this year, we give you the different wedding trends that you would surely love and consider in your wedding. Most trends are out of the box—but what it guarantees is the uniqueness of your wedding, and surely be cool and remarkable. Ideas of these trends come from credible wedding consultants, magazines and websites.

 1. Eco-friendly Weddings. Most couple now realize that weddings can be done in places where nature could be appreciated. Having this kind of wedding will surely be pleasing to your guests and still look elegant. Make your wedding stunning with green environment. It will surely be loved.

 2. Hanging Décor. With its dramatic effect, couples would surely choose hanging decors. From the floral arrangements to the ribbons, chandeliers, café lights, bird cages, garlands and even cakes—decors this year will all be up in your wedding.

3. Recipe Guest Favors. Food recipes are always requested by people these days, so a cool idea for your guests should be considered—giving away food recipes as souvenirs. Recipes could be the giveaway cakes or biscuits, it could also be one of the dishes served in your wedding. It should be as basic as possible, to keep the recipe of your caterer secret.
4. Breaking the Usual Dress Code. As cool as the themes and decorations, wedding dresses will also be evolving this year. Brides will not just be choosing from white or ivory-colored dresses, they may add or even wear colors such as pink, red or even black.
    Bridesmaids will also have the freedom of style this year. They may wear different style of dresses but still has unity with the color motif. Applying their sense of fashion, they may now have a competition whose dress stood out from them.
5. Naked Cakes. Not just the nature-themed weddings can have the naked cakes, it may now be seen on any wedding events. With the nature trend, most couples now combine eco-friendly themes and chic-glamorous designs.
6. Food Trucks. A great way to save money for couples is to have a food truck in their wedding reception—serving different food that are not typically for weddings. Trucks on weddings are in this 2015.
7. Kids’ Table. To complete the trend of this year, let’s give the children their freedom on your wedding reception. If attending weddings are burden to the youngsters before, then set-up a kids’ table for them to have activities. Let them color books, cut-out designs and play indoor activities that they would surely love.


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