A Step Closer to God with Karis Retreat House Tagaytay

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A Step Closer to God with Karis Retreat House Tagaytay

by Michael Marasigan


Remember spending two nights and three days praying and relaxing inside a room or a chapel in Tagaytay during your teenage years? Definitely almost everyone of use has experienced a retreat. I, for example, am familiar with retreat houses because as a graduate of catholic university (and even high school), I was required to attend retreat formations prior to receiving my diploma. That may be one reason why I am so fond of Tagaytay City.


Tagaytay is known to many as the center of retreat houses –place made to help people be closer to God and acquire a clearer view of life.  One of these is Karis Retreat House Tagaytay


Because of responding to a higher form of love of God, the owners of Karis, the Juan Family, had given their time to their local parish for a long time. Just recently, the family realized they wanted to give thanks to the heavens more. Responding to the help of the Virgin of Guadalupe when Mr. Juan underwent Quintuple Heart Bypass Operation, they built the retreat house and named it Karit Retreat House Tagaytay (the word ‘karis’ meaning heart in Greek).


As of today, Karis Retreat House Tagaytay remains as God's unchanging invitation to people from all walks of life to accept our lives as take a step closer to the Lord.


Karis’ apostolate's mission is to provide a venue for all wherein a divine and loving conversation is created between the individual and God as echoed in Deus Caritas Est.


The Juan Family believes in the power of providing a sacred place, welcoming and accompanying each retreatant in their lifelong pursuit for love and faith in God.


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