Casa de Carlo: the Most Romantic Tagaytay Getaway for Lovers-on-a-Budget!

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Casa de Carlo: the Most Romantic Tagaytay Getaway for Lovers-on-a-Budget!

by Gabbie Ballestamon


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then for me, a vacation-out-of-town is worth a thousand travel blogs. Vacation… Whew! With all of the hustle and bustle of Manila, we employees and businessmen want nothing but a quick yet relaxing break.


One of the best and most inexpensive ways for us Manileños to relax is to go to Tagaytay. Why? Probably because it is only more or less a 2-hour drive from the metro. Some other things the city (yes, a city. Tagaytay is already considered a city. A high-end one!) offers are the cool wind, the beautiful sights to see, the warm smiles of the locals, and of course, the world-famous Tagaytay pineapple!


So whenever me and my girlfriend have the whole weekend for us to spend, we always make sure that we’ve already booked a room from a hotel or a bed & breakfast in Tagaytay days ahead. One of our favorites is Casa de Carlo. It is almost a routine for Dina (my gf) to call the said bed & breakfast every Thursday night to have a room reserved for us every weekend. As a blogger, of course I first read some information about the bed & breakfast on the Web. Just to be sure, I checked out their official website - What I saw was a very unassuming place to relax with authentic Spanish cuisine to offer. I remember their scrumptious Paella in our mouths. Yum!


Cozy and homelike without sacrificing their promise of Hispanic interior design grandeur, the bed & breakfast management provides guests with access to their piano and billiards table room.  Though we had to pay the first time Dina used the piano and played Pachelbel Canon, what’s more romantic than hearing beautiful music in an equally-charming and quiet place.


The first room in the bed & breakfast that we reserved was an executive suite complete with all the amenities that we want. For those who have also experienced staying in one of the Casa de Carlo’s rooms, yes, I know that they are not as big as we’ve expected at first. But really, what do we want – a huge but cluttered room or a not-so-big yet meticulously-designed one perfect for a snug and homey relaxation? With a cable television, a comfy king-size bed, iPOD speakers, and a spick and span bathroom complete with shampoo and soap, what else should we ask for? It was only a quick weekend getaway anyway!


But I’ll be honest with their towels. They’re really small the only body parts they can dry are our faces. Bring your own towels if you want a relaxing yet inexpensive quick vacation  there.


Another great thing Casa de Carlo has to offer is their Wi-Fi connection which is very beneficial for us folks who can’t leave their laptops at home. The bed & breakfast is also very near Sonya’s Garden, another popular destination for lovers in Tagaytay.


The best thing about Casa de Carlo – every weekend, Dina and I only pay a PhP500.00-deposit for each of us!


I’ve written what I’ve written. Casa de Carlo’s the ultimate place to stay for lovers-on-a-budget who want a cozy place to stay in Tagaytay.


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