Chef Renato “Rene” Onabia

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Chef Renato “Rene” Onabia

Who would have thought that from messing around the kitchen, a kid would become one of the most talented and skillful chefs in the province of Cavite? Yes, Renato “Rene” Onabia started his skills while he was still a kid. In the province of Quezon, Rene grew up observing how his grandmother, Tiburcia Olaivar-Danceco makes delicious cuisines out of limited ingredients around their backyard. He was trained with this set-up and soon started making his own original recipes.


Rene moved in Cavite years after and began a life with his own family which he started in Manila. Living a simple life, he started to sell ice cream around—peddling his bicycle on the roads of Tanza, Trece, Naic and Amadeo. This work became a great help for him in raising enough budget for his family to survive a day to day endeavor. But having six children, the demand for better financial stability was needed, plus the ice cream he sells became less popular as the kids were having more sweet options in the market. This led him to a decision of sending his family back to their province, Samar, as he starts to look for a more stable job.


He was then strolling around Trece Martires City with his bicycle taking a chance of selling his ice cream when he passed through Republic of Cavite Restaurant and noticed their post—needing for a new cook. Remembering the techniques that he observed during his childhood with his grandmother, he positively applied for the job. He was still wearing his day-to-day outfit when he submitted his resume in Tanza, where the owner of the restaurant, Mr. Andrew Pacumio stays.


With approximately 10 applicants, Pacumio was then unconvinced with Rene because of lack of experience in the kitchen. But because of some strange reasons, he called back Rene and gave him the chance. They gave him a month to be trained in Republic’s kitchen and he was proved to be the most talented one. He has a great taste in mixing ingredients and even without the luxury of materials, he was and is still able to create outstanding cuisines.


Rene has the advantage of having home training with his grandmother—knowing the traditional way of handling food. He knows how to identify food ingredients by simply tasting them. And now that the traditional cooking and slowly processed recipes are in, Rene is definitely the man to call in making them all. He doesn’t need to have the lavish materials or ingredients, because he can make a simple recipe an awesome one. Taking the responsibility of picking the healthiest and freshest ingredients around the province, he makes sure that the clients of the restaurant have the best experience while taking their meals.


Republic of Cavite takes pride of its executive chef, Renato Onabia and his undeniable talent in cooking. He has created Cavite original recipes with great tasting flavors and still expanding his skills with different cooking techniques. 


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