The Life Of The Party

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The Life Of The Party

We, Filipinos are well known as a party lover. There is no “little get together “when you’re in the Philippines. We go in great lengths to have a feast for every chance we get. We are always prepared to make every single occasion counts. We are fond in attending gatherings together with our family, relatives and friends. Whether we are the guests or the host of the party definitely all we want is SATISFACTION.  But the question is how can we make our celebration perfect the way that it is used to be? What does really matter most?  Will that be the venue? Set-up? Dress? Program? Photographers? Or the FOOD?


People have their own preferences. I myself have mine too. I have my own mindset when it comes to a party. I am very much lenient of my appearance during the event. I am very much into details when it comes to my dress and make-up. On the other hand, I was also easily got mesmerized with the venue and how the place was presented. But in reality, the current trend of today have been showing that the guests of such party are caring more about the food. Filipinos are totally food lover and we all know that. Surely in every party guests will have their comments regarding the food whether it taste good or bad. If the taste of the food is bad, the guests will talk while on the other hand if the food tastes great the guests will definitely remember it. No one should go hungry in an event. No matter how wonderful the venue is, how creative the set-up was if the guests won’t like the food they will get hungry and definitely this will dull the overall feeling of the event. With that instance, it is vividly clear that FOOD beyond doubt is “THE LIFE OF THE PARTY. “ To make sure that your party will become perfect, the primary thing to do is to have a food supplier/caterer that you are sure of.


Nowadays, there were many food caterer that you’ll find everywhere even online. All of them have their best promises and make their advertisement very catchy to eyes and ears of the customers. I’ve gone through researched and found this company very well known in Cavite for their scrumptious and healthy dishes with a very unique taste that compliments each individual’s taste buds. This company was so called as TOWN’S DELIGHT –THE CATERER. I made further researches and found that this company serves its client for about 39 years. They guaranteed full satisfaction to their customers.  Throughout the years of their service, they really build rapport and credibility that made them a popular caterer in Cavite and nearby areas.  As a Filipina instinct and attitude, to taste is to believe. Well luckily, my friend got married in Tagaytay and she invited me to her wedding and this prestigious Cavite caterer was their food supplier during their event. Having a personal taste of their foods and dishes made my researches more justifiable. Truly their foods were very delicious. Other guests were amazed by their set-up and unfathomable service but above all, their foods were highly commendable. The freshness and succulent taste of every menu still lingers on my taste buds. That wedding was really worth reminiscing for.


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