Light, Moderate or Heavy: What kind of eater are you?

by Wedding In The Sky on 02/10/2015 - 01:13 pm |

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It is always a problem for couples who are planning their wedding the food serving they offer to their guests. With the three kinds of eaters: the light, moderate and heavy, they tend to have lacking during their wedding reception.



Light Eaters. These people are commonly on their diet or have health concerns. They often get small amount of food or not even a half of what a complete meal requires. In weddings, they are not fond of eating rice and other food rich in carbohydrates. They usually get salads and other healthier choices. Some are just picky of what they eat.


Moderate Eaters. They are the kind of eaters who get just enough to satisfy not just their crave but also their tummies. Without the excessive intake, they know when to stop and be contented. They are the ones who eat all kind of food served during events meat, veggies, fruits and pastries; and


Heavy Eaters. Fond of eating everything and has does not limit themselves into indulging with food that is being served. Most of these people have meat cravings and tend to go back to the buffet after a plateful dish. They appreciate eat-all-you-can dining and even compete with others having the most rice intake.


And with Town's Delight's Love Taste Wedding Package, each kind of guest will be treated equally and will be served well. With so many choices, couples will have an option what their guests request. And the assurance of health benefit and freshness will never be questionable.


Light eaters will enjoy different healthy cuisines like veggies, salads, sushi, and other food delights. Moderate eaters will have the best quality servings of dishes. They will enjoy the flavorful tastes of different cuisines. And Heavy eaters will have the pleasure of delicious and meaty dishes. They can request for generous serving without the compromise of food quality and flavor. They may go back to the buffet after having a plateful dish until satisfied.


Make your guests feel your celebration by giving them the pleasure of the food package they will surely appreciate. From healthy dishes to the best tasting meats, you will surely see their happiness in attending your wedding.


So choose the Love Taste Package only by Town's Delight The Caterer and have that so many choices of food and amenities.


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