Indoor Church or Outdoor Nature Wedding?

by Wedding In The Sky on 03/03/2015 - 02:21 pm |

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Setting aside the religious viewpoint in this decision, let us take a look on what could be the possible advantages and disadvantages of both venues. As lovers become one on the date of their wedding, where would be more appealing to exchange vows in the traditional indoor church or spend it with the beauty of outdoor nature?


If we are going to tackle a step-by-step realization here is a list on what to think through:




In the Philippines where the weather condition is unpredictable, indoor church is an advantage. Weather it rains or not, you will have certain roof to protect you. While outdoor weddings only gives certain good weather in the month of March and April, where you will feel the heat of summer.





It is important to make the place versatile for the guests. This one is an advantage for the Outdoor Nature, because you may have the perfect location matched to the number of guests you have. You can’t spend your wedding with 50 guests in a big cathedral or 300 guests in a small chapel, unlike outdoor venues where you can just add up chairs and there you have all your guests perfectly sitting.



You would want to spend your wedding in solemnity and peace. This is an advantage of Indoor weddings where there will be no strong winds contending the ceremony. Aside from that, you will have no loitering strangers around.



Obviously, this is an advantage of Outdoor weddings—giving more variations of majestic and moving backgrounds. This can make your wedding more remarkable for the guests, giving them exceptional experience in your special day.





There will be no compromise that Indoor Church weddings give the most romantic and classy ambience that your wedding could ever have. With its great structure, symbolic images and grandiose feel, a church has a certain touch that other venues can’t provide.



Some couples choose outdoor venues because they avoid restrictions that church weddings have. It is an advantage of Outdoor weddings to get free from any church rituals or traditions, but of course it still depends on the act you want to do. That is why it is important to get the most appropriate place for your belief and stand.


Whatever you choose, the most important thing is that you would make a commitment with your partner in the sight of the Lord and your loved ones. Weather you choose the traditional church venue or outside with the feel of nature, as long as you feel happy and satisfied, there will be nothing wrong. You can be in solemn and fervent indoor, or chic and playful with nature. It’s definitely your choice.



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