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If Filipinos have rice cakes and other sticky dishes to serve on their wedding day, believing that it would cause their long time intimacy and love for each other, did you know that people from different places also have their own traditional food to offer?


Let’s get to know the food other countries serve in celebrating wedding:

 1.     Lobster and Chicken in China

You may miss our favorite siopao and other dim sums when you attend wedding events in china. For them, serving lobster and chicken is important, representing dragon and phoenix, respectively, which harmonizes the Yin and Yang of the couple’s families. Other dishes include roast suckling pig, fish, pigeon, chicken, lobster and a type of bun stuffed with lotus seeds.

 2.     Spicy Rice dishes in Indonesia

Being an archipelagic state, Indonesia has several beliefs and religions. That’s why it also has different diverse cuisines to serve on wedding events. The usual food they offer include spicy rice dishes like nasi goreng, dim sum, and sushi.

 3.     Roasted suckling pig or roast lamb in Italy

Though bow tie-shaped twists of fried dough, sprinkled in sugar, represent good luck, Italians serve roasted suckling pig or roast lamb more often as their main dish. They consider food as important of wedding celebrations.

 4.     Noodles in Korea

You will definitely fall in love with Korean noodles as you attend a wedding event in their country. What more can we expect than this symbol for longevity? We just hope noodles served on these romantic events are not spicy.


Different countries, different languages, different beliefs—all are connected to these indulging cuisines. Indeed, food connects people, culture and religion. And whatever lineage of race you are connected to, may your marriage last and your love continue to grow.


Reference: J. Campbell, D. Foskett, N. Rippington, P. Paskins (2011), Practical Cookery Level 3


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