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Although at most weddings you will find on the table beautifully arranged fruit baskets, it is quite rare for them to overcome the status of “meal” and pass into the noblest class of “decorations”. With a little patience and imagination, the commonplace fruit basket can turn into the decoration centerpiece of each table. Here are our ideas for wedding centerpieces involving fruits.


Tips for professionals


Many catering companies offer arrangements of fruit and vegetables, but it is up to you to choose what elements in their offer fits your wedding or you could even propose some ideas. Focus on a class of fruit – exotic, citrus, local, seasonal – or choose only fruits in certain colors that suit your wedding theme.


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Fortune fruits


An idea that certainly will entertain your guests would be to tie on the fruit’s stems (apples, pears, quinces) tickets on which you could write all sorts of funny messages. You can make predictions about the future or you can send them just a friendly message. Arrange the fortune fruits in a basket or simply put them on tables, from place to place.


Delicious favors


You can fill some mini-bags with cherries, strawberries or any other fruits that you think will withstand at least 24 hours and that guests can take home as favors. Ask the staff from the restaurant to store them carefully in front of each guest or in a beautifully disordered bunch. These ideas for wedding centerpieces will add freshness and fun to your wedding, so keep them in your mind because you may need them.


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Fruit and flower arrangements


Suggest to those who deal with your wedding decorations to create some different baskets in which to combine beautiful varieties of flowers and fruits in complementary colors. For a maximum effect, get branches of mandarin fruits, peaches or other fruit that can be purchased with all the leaves and possibly a piece





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