It’s the Typical Love Story with the “Not so Typical” Wedding

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Having been met by a relative, Shirly Martin and Timothy John Marcelo became friends. They did not match when it comes to personality yet because of the teases their friends always insist, they started to develop a romantic relationship. The teases their friends throws at them succeeded as they committed as girlfriend and boyfriend. Like the typical lovers, their relationship had gone through challenges and even broke-up, but as the couple believed: “Kung kayo, kayo.” That is why after 9 years of being together, they decided to settle down and take the next level of their love—marriage.


It is really hard to manage a perfect wedding—even a long preparation will never assure its certainty. That is why important occasions such as this should always be regarded and invested. For the couple, they made sure that their wedding will be thoroughly prepared. They seek for assistance of approachable wedding stewards, they were assisted to the kind of wedding they wanted, as well as the catering package they desire brought to them by Town’s Delight The Caterer.


Shirley’s personality is strong and chic, and her playful idea decided to have her wedding colored fuchsia pink and black. TJ, being a supportive partner agreed and concentrated on other concerns about their wedding. Their eccentric motif made their wedding more extraordinary, especially with 190 guest-reservations. Indeed, the preparation became more exciting.


The Sylvinas Pavilion, where the wedding reception is located became more dramatic with the color and style Town’s Delight made.  The tables were accented fuchsia pink over white coverings in order to complement with the crystal chairs which were personally chosen by the couple.  Magical, that is how you would describe the ambience of the place. Despite of the number of guests, quality of service was never compromised. From the VIP lounge down to the tables for the regular guests, the feeling was not far different from the other.



The perfect weather of Tagaytay City brought romantic breeze in the place. It was exceptional! Everyone in the place just enjoyed every single activity in the wedding. Guests cannot help themselves but give high credits to the people behind the wedding preparation. Jonan, cousin of the groom even mentioned the caterer’s great achievement in accomplishing a unique yet elegant set-up for the wedding reception before saying his wishes to the newly-weds. He said that the food was great as well as the service.


With these kind of preparations, trusted experts are needed. Though perfection is hard to achieve, making sure of every guest’s fine accommodation and comfort will be a great relief. Just like Shirly and TJ, you can also have your own memorable story to tell. The food being offered is surely at its best—because it is from the trusted catering services provider. With 40 years in the business, Town’s Delight already built their own name in the industry.


Some of the food served at Shirly and TJ’s wedding were Pot Roast Beef with Mushroom Buttons which is very tender and nicely seasoned; Grilled Pork Spareribs with sesame seeds—one of the store’s best-seller because of its savory taste and enticing presentation; Szechuan Veggies with Cashew which is good for people who are not fond of meat—they will enjoy the event without minding the food they are going to eat; Chicken Steak which is also one of the guests favorite because of its distinctive flavorful taste; Grilled Fish Fillet with Grenobloise which is light in texture and taste. It complements together with other meat served because of its not overpowering flavor; and Penne Pasta with Pesto Sauce which is refreshing to the mouth. Aside from these dishes are more appetizing and mouthwatering food in the list. All these with reasonable prices.


Clients may also inquire for their desired themes, motif and even the desired ambiance of your wedding at its finest.


(story based on told tales by friends at the wedding reception)


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