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Exchanging of vows is one of the most emotional parts of the wedding ceremony. This is when tears come out that even guests really can’t hold it back. Some vows can be different. In the modern days, vows are written in a casual way. It meant to be funny but true to couples and really makes everyone laugh. Here are some tips in making remarkable wedding vows:



Research Different Wedding Vows To Inspire You Make Your Own


The most difficult part of writing is how you will start it. That is why it is a must to get lots of inspirations for you to have an idea how to begin— either how you address your partner or using a quote or an experience…  Through this, you will also get knowledge on how you should write your vow as a whole. Choose inspiration from the people that have a connection to you, or have something in common.


Have An Agreement With Your Partner To Have The Same Tone And Format


Remember to agree with your partner about the tone and format of your vows. You may keep the vow secret but at least tell him/her if it will be in a formal manner or informal, if it will be funny or something that would move his/her tears.


Reminisce Your Journey With Your Partner


Fall in love again by looking back at the things you have been through. Let your memories help you come up with nice and clear words that would exactly define what you want to say. List down questions that would help you go into the very reason why you fell in love in the first place—the qualities you admire most about him/her, the changes he/she made in your life …


Insert Strong Kind Of Promises


Make general and specific promises for your partner. It is important for him/her to have something to hold on from what you are saying the moment you start your life together. General promise can be something you are already starting to do in your relationship. This can be also heard from other vows from lovers that you wanted also to say. And specific promise means your personal commitment to him/her. This statement is on a personal basis, something that cannot be copied from other wedding vows.


Write, Criticize and Edit


After considering everything that has been said, write everything down on a paper. Remove the things that would embarrass your partner in front of all while stating your vow. Also, shorten your vow, two minutes is already good enough time to tell all. Pick the best words and limit yourself from whatever unnecessary stories. Another to erase are the clichés that you hear from every wedding ceremony. And write the edited vow neatly on a piece of paper for yourself.


Lastly, Practice Saying It!


Yes! You should practice saying it loudly. For you to refrain from any speaking difficulty on your wedding day, start saying it in front of the mirror. Talk as if you are having a conversation with your partner. You will have more confidence in that manner.



With this list, you will come up with a remarkable vow. It may not be the most popular of all, but it will surely be the best for the one whom you intended it for and to express it as honest as your partner would expect you to do it. Have a merry and wonderful writing!


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