Innovative ideas for your event

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 Imagine an event designed distinctly for you—from a momentous occasion to a delightful moment worth remembering for a lifetime.   Always make your event a memorable one by hiring a stylist that knows how to innovate designs from one client to another. Who would want a copycat venue look? Town’s Delight brings innovative set-up and venue styling. Yes, we don’t just serve scrumptious cuisines, but we also specialize in styling—for FREE.   You don’t need to spend much for getting the right style for your event; you just have to hire the right supplier to bring it to you. For over 40 years now, we always strive to improve our works. Though, it is always a challenge standing out among competitors, there is nothing more challenging than doing a distinctive look to different events. We understand our clients who always envision an event that they have never seen before, setting them apart from all celebrators. That is why, striving hard to go beyond our comfort zone.     Creativity is never an issue to us; you will always have a variety of unique and fabulous choices. We want your wedding to be at its finest and we also want to give the most out of every material we could offer. The dynamics and innovation we have with every material we offer came from the wide-scope of work we already witnessed. We don’t want to settle with what is already seen, we want to give that breath of fresh air and continue to thrive as the top wedding provider in the south.   Experience all these in any of your occasion. Call us now!

Wedding cuisines served around the world

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If Filipinos have rice cakes and other sticky dishes to serve on their wedding day, believing that it would cause their long time intimacy and love for each other, did you know that people from different places also have their own traditional food to offer?   Let’s get to know the food other countries serve in celebrating wedding:  1.     Lobster and Chicken in China You may miss our favorite siopao and other dim sums when you attend wedding events in china. For them, serving lobster and chicken is important, representing dragon and phoenix, respectively, which harmonizes the Yin and Yang of the couple’s families. Other dishes include roast suckling pig, fish, pigeon, chicken, lobster and a type of bun stuffed with lotus seeds.  2.     Spicy Rice dishes in Indonesia Being an archipelagic state, Indonesia has several beliefs and religions. That’s why it also has different diverse cuisines to serve on wedding events. The usual food they offer include spicy rice dishes like nasi goreng, dim sum, and sushi.  3.     Roasted suckling pig or roast lamb in Italy Though bow tie-shaped twists of fried dough, sprinkled in sugar, represent good luck, Italians serve roasted suckling pig or roast lamb more often as their main dish. They consider food as important of wedding celebrations.  4.     Noodles in Korea You will definitely fall in love with Korean noodles as you attend a wedding event in their country. What more can we expect than this symbol for longevity? We just hope noodles served on these romantic events are not spicy.                                                         Different countries, different languages, different beliefs—all are connected to these indulging cuisines. Indeed, food connects people, culture and religion. And whatever lineage of race you are connected to, may your marriage last and your love continue to grow.   Reference: J. Campbell, D. Foskett, N. Rippington, P. Paskins (2011), Practical Cookery Level 3

The Forest Barn Rustic Event Venue

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The Forest Barn Rustic Event Venue

  A vintage English barn set in a tranquil country woods. Nestled within the beautiful rolling hills and valleys in Kaysuyo, Alfonzo, The Forest Barn is a unique 6 acre property ideal for weddings and special events. An enchanting oasis of serenity in a quiet rustic hamlet, just few minutes from exciting Tagaytay.   This wedding venue offers a picturesque setting for your wedding ceremony and reception. It boasts of its big red barn right in the middle of a lush forest. Catherdral ceiling, humungous door, rustic walls and windows, fairytale-like drapings and aurora borealis chandeliers- all add up to the romantic setting for your dream wedding! But what makes The forest Barn a big stand out, is its 100-step wedding aisle fenced by verdant trees all line up, holding up the sky with open grassy areas covered with autumn- like leaves. The acreage also features the “Wedding Gazebo” a belvedere with a wishing well, enclosed horse farm fence- the ideal ceremony location.   With a variety of ceremony, reception and event locations on the property, along with amenities like a tavern basement perfect for small occasions, a commercial grade kitchen, a bridal suite, and guest room, spacious parking located on the premises, The Forest Barn is the exact venue you’ve been looking for. A selection of wild ferns and flowers blended with pines and hard woods add to the woods atmosphere. The rustic barn provides a beautiful backdrop for photos. This venue has many photo opportunies! Listen to the quiet as you hear the sounds of birds, cricket and wildlife creatures. The abundant character of this venue lets you embellish as much or as little as you like whether in the barn or outdoors at the gazebo. We’re flexible and encourage you put together your dream wedding at this rustic but elegant setting under a canopy of trees. The venue itself is the definition of nostalgic charm. If you’re interested in a whole new event experience, then call for a tour. Personalize every detail of your big day according to your style.

Reminders to keep in setting your wed...

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Reminders to keep in setting your wedding date

Getting married soon and still deciding what date would you prefer in spending it? We’ll help you get the right date by considering some of these important reminders to avoid any unwanted happenings. Also, we consider dates which shall not affect the attendance of your very important guests. So, here is a list for you to keep:   If you can spend it on a weekday, it’d be better One of the dilemmas that couples always complain about during their wedding is the late arrival of guests. Well, for some, but the real dilemma there is the traffic that all of them face when they spend their wedding on a weekend. This goes especially if your venue is a destination like Tagaytay, where a lot of tourists would really visit. So, better choose a date on a weekday rather than a weekend.   Don’t consider holidays that observe or celebrate a religious belief For a Christian nation like us, we really stand by what we believe in and would strictly follow whatever it requires. Well, you wouldn’t want to compete with your guests’ belief, right? Instead of contesting with these dates, just spend your wedding preferably during regular days—just make it a special day in the years to come.   Prefer spending it during the sunny season While we love to cuddle and be romantic during rainy days, we cannot change the fact that it can ruin a wedding plan if it comes in a surprise on your wedding day. So, if you would want a wedding that is safe from wet and mud, then choose a date in sunny season. In the Philippines, weddings are preferably spent from the month of December till May where typhoons don’t really affect us. However, if you’re persistent in choosing a date that is uncertain with this kind of calamity, then choose a venue that has an indoor area to secure a safe and peaceful wedding.   Refrain from double celebrations While spending your birthday and wedding day at the same time is a great idea, don’t set when others from the family celebrate the same event. It may lessen the celebration when you know that other people have their own, so it would not be as great when you have it alone and great.   Keep these reminders and be ready to spend the best occasion for you and your partner. And if you want more ideas and suggestions you may talk to our Stewards to plan your wedding. Contact us now!

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