Beach Wedding Ideas

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One of the most romantic feel in weddings happens along the shores. Beach weddings can possibly be most of the favorites for young couples because it can create many unique ideas to do and add on regular wedding ceremonies. With minimal designs because of its natural picturesque view, you can add more creativity on other details. And to help you achieve more playful yet very romantic beach wedding, here is a list of ideas you may consider:   Use Consistent Beach Decors   From the ceremony to the reception, make it a point to use only one theme with decorations. Use beach souvenirs to beautify the area of your wedding. Use seashells, objects usually seen in that area and arrange it in a nice way. With this, your guests would appreciate the theme in a nice way. They would feel that the simplicity you did in decorating the venue makes it more special.   You may also use jewelries that can be found around the area. Make it an authentic beach wedding by wearing necklaces made of shells and other beach materials. Even your lovely bridesmaid will enjoy that.   Make the Sunset Your Backdrop   Use the beauty of the sunset your background as you exchange vows with your partner. Make it magical as your romantic occasion is witnessed by a majestic sunset. Your guests would truly be amazed as they witness these two glorious moments simultaneously happening. You will not need anything more object to decorate the area but the astonishments of the surroundings.     Sky Lanterns by Night   Have you watched one of the most magical scenes in the movie Tangled? It was when numbers of sky lanterns was lighted up in the sky. You can also do that on your wedding. After the ceremony, when the sun is already gone and completely have dark skies, then it would be perfect to ask your guests to light up a sky lantern as they wish for a long and merry wedded life for you and your partner.   Chill With a Bonfire   Complete the beach wedding feel with a bonfire. Let your guests relax with the warmth that this fire gives as they also witness the fire of your love celebration. Your guests would appreciate this as it will complement the breeze of the beach. It will also add color to your wedding especially with taking pictures.   Statement Souvenirs   Lastly, give your guests statement souvenirs. Whatever material or object you think, it is perfect if it is with personal gratitude expressed by you as couples. Make it authentic through handwriting or witty messages that would make them remember the moment they witnessed your most special day.   As you celebrate your wedding, the most special thing to remember is the love that you enjoy with the people you love. No matter what preparation you do or materials you use, as long as you have the most wonderful moment in your life, it will surely be a superb one. Have a great and wonderful celebration of your wedding.

Be Magnificent in All Your Wedding Photo

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Be Magnificent in All Your Wedding Photo

In your most special day, you would always want to look good and feel great. And since it is your day, all eyes will be on you—watching every detail of your action as well as the way you look. It will also be expected that everyone will be taking photos of everything. As a bride or part of the entourage, you always want to look good in all photos. And to keep you from any danger of ugly angle or poses, here are some tips to help you be magnificent all the time:     Choose a Photographer That Knows Your Angle If you have friends who are good in taking photos, make them your official photographer. It helps if they know your face and how you move in every event. They will know what and what not to capture especially during emotional moments. Either they get an awkwardly emotional photo that would expose your physical weaknesses or capture an unintended pose. Your friends would know if a photo is great or not. Other hired professional photographers just capture what they think best, your friends would consider how you care.   Meet Them Frequently before the Wedding The key for the photographers to get the best angle of your face is for them to get familiarized with it. Let them know every expression you have. Have them bond with you at least a week or two before your wedding. Let them know your personality and match it with how they will capture every single moment of your wedding.   Be Comfortable with Them Another thing to remember is that you should be comfortable with them. In spite of the awesome moment, you should make yourself at ease with your looks. Don’t hesitate to give every angle of your look and let them capture those magical moments of you. If so, they will know if an angle of your face is great or not in order to have just acceptable ones.   Review Their Past Works Allow also yourself to know the photographer, knowing how they work as well as their specialty in photography. Tell them how do you want yourself appear on photos. Suggest things you want, but bear in mind that they are artists of their own. So, allow their creativity to move while getting the most gorgeous angle you have in your face.   Be Confident Be sure to wear your best cosmetic—confidence. There will be no ugly photos if you are sure with what you do. So, in your wedding make sure to do things certain as you want and never allow stress to overcome you. Let everyone see your glow and how happy you are with your decision to get married.     Always remember to smile and express the real you whether in photos or in reality. Be yourself and just celebrate the love you are feasting on your wedding day. Be confident that you will be with someone who treasures you and commits his/her life with you forever.

Ways to Feel the Travel Theme of Your...

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Ways to Feel the Travel Theme of Your Wedding

Celebrating a wedding nowadays has gone the traditional type. It became more personal and stylish. And if you love traveling, you would think of a perfect way to let it be felt in your own wedding. Here are helpful ways to get the look of travel in your wedding. Get the idea of telling your guests the thing you enjoy most as couples:   Use Passport or Travel Ticket Designs for Invitations Let them feel the theme by giving them passport or travel ticket invitation. By this, they will have the idea of what they should expect and excite them more in getting to your wedding. Just get the design and change the details about your wedding. Don’t forget to mention the venue creatively to make it more special. You may add great ideas of putting your picture with your partner to make it more remarkable. You may also give guests the idea of your desired gifts like monetary support for your next travel or the exact location you are dreaming to go to.   Ramp with a Luggage Instead of the usual flowers that you and your bridesmaids handle, why not carry a traveling or luggage bag? This would certainly make your guests crazy seeing you with huge bags, so choose the handy ones. And let the boys get a backpack to complement the idea. It would be perfect to represent a modern type and out-of-the-box ideas for young couples. Go different and excite everyone with these looks. And if you want to go with this, and then just fill those bags with your things to go immediately where you will spend your honeymoon as the reception program ends.   Fill Your Reception Venue with Travel Destinations You may have two options here, either you put the different places you have been with your partner with your memories or just add locations you still want to explore together. Take your guests to where you have been and let them also feel the pleasure of traveling. Make them special as you put you photos around so that you don’t need to go everywhere. Make them travel in anywhere you have been without too much effort and cost. Also, give them a hint of loving the same hobby you have and support your next travel desire.   Make Globes, Maps and Luggage Your Main Decors Go beyond the usual wedding decors and do it your own. From the centerpieces of the tables, cake, backdrop, buffet area and all, surround and place travel items. Make your guests be enticed with what you want to do together as couples. Let them be inspired with the desire you have in traveling and you would not know its effect to your guests. Maybe you could influence them with this and will soon have the same idea of having the same wedding theme.   Let Your Guests Make Dedications on Luggage Tags Finally, instead of pieces of papers and photo albums, let your guests write their dedications on a luggage tag. This would make consistency on your theme and would also be easier to keep and preserve. You may use every tags in your future travel and be enthused by every d ...

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How to Handle Common Wedding Day Stre...

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There are really times when everything is set for your special occasion—from the venue to the program and food and suddenly be surprised by accidents where you almost give up. And you don’t want those stresses to appear on your own big day. So, let’s discuss those matters and try to solve them one by one. Listed are the different possible situations that can ruin your event:   The Weather Weather in the Philippines is very uncertain. It can be super-hot today and rainy the next day. This could probably the most uncertain condition that you need to handle, especially if you have an outdoor wedding. That’s why you should have a Plan B. If you choose a venue, consider somewhere that has an indoor place for you to go if it rains. Or just get a tent to cover the set-up of everything.   Stumbling Down the Aisle For the Bride and bridesmaids, it is always a worry to keep their postures great in high heels. But to ensure their safety and grace as they walk down the aisle, they should check their shoes. They should select something they could wear and walk with comfort more than style. To check on that, they should practice their walk before the event and if they feel that their walk doesn’t seem normal, then that’s a problem. Next to consider is the aisle where they are going to walk. If it is slippery, then you should probably get an adhesive tape to put at the fingertip-part of the shoes to keep you from stumbling.   Problems with the Caterer or Other Suppliers This could be the worst of all—paying much with your supplier and get less than what you expect with them. And to get rid of this scenario, get a credible caterer that has good reputation around the area of your location. Never compromise with the price or promo, instead, think of quality and assurance from them. Remember, you can’t get your wedding event back. So, better get the best with worth it service. It could lessen the stress if you get an experienced caterer as well, they will know what to do.   Personal Worries As your wedding day approaches, couples perhaps get a lot of worries in mind—a lot of what ifs or maybe excitement. And if this is the situation before the day, how would they feel during the actual day? Keep calm and celebrate! Don’t let your excitement or worries eat you. Feel the love and celebrate with your partner. Always think of the positivity of the event more than anything. Bring the best attitude for your special occasion and let the people see your happiness.   In every causes of stress, remember that the moment you have prepared for is solely for you and your partner. Never allow any situation destroy the love atmosphere. It’s not really helpful if you overthink on details, instead, think of being positive.   Focus on the positive sides of your day to lessen the stress. Surround yourself with the people you love and surely you will feel nothing less but t ...

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