Visit Tagaytay this Christmas season

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No plans for Christmas? We’ll help you have this season’s best experience with your family and loved ones. If you’re from Metro Manila or nearby locations, you must try visiting Tagaytay City. Named as the second Summer Capital of the Philippines, it brings outstanding breeze perfect for Christmas feel.     And if you want to know the different activities you may enjoy upon visiting here is a list:   Visit the World’s Smallest Active Volcano   Most visitors go to see the marvelous scenery of this wonder. With this lake within a lake creation, visitors can enjoy and just appreciate the view. Even tourists go back and will never get tired of climbing just to get closer to Taal Volcano.   Enjoy the Different Theme Parks And Leisure Activities   Tagaytay City offers a lot of adventures including the exciting rides at Sky Ranch where families and group of friends may enjoy its activities. Also, if you want a place with stiller ambience, you may visit Picnic Grove and People’s Park in the Sky, where families can enjoy quality time together. Horseback riding, zip lining, mountain trekking, and more! You may always find a perfect place in the city for whatever reasons you have.   Have Relaxation and Spiritual Journey   Showcasing the different churches that were built first before any commercial buildings, you may have rest from any stress you have had in your work or in any anxiety you have been through. Tagaytay may bring peace and purity in your mind while meditating on the mountain areas. Many pilgrims also choose to visit Tagaytay with the amazing architectural designs of churches around.   Taste Its Wonderful Treats   Aside from the place itself, Tagaytay also brings the most delectable dishes. Complementing the cold breeze of the area, soupy dishes are the best sellers—no wonder why Bulalo is considered to be the specialty of many restaurants. You may have the best treats from great tasting coffees, delightful desserts, and fresh garden salads. Here, you also have the taste of western cuisines since a lot of foreign establishments already opened around the place.   Overnight Stay in Luxurious Hotels   With well invested hotels, don’t miss the chance of staying with your loved ones. Remember that you only live once, so take the most out of these treats from this city. Experience the splendid living of the different structured hotels—from modern type to foreign styled. You will never go wrong with your choice as you pick one.   These are just five of the different activities you may have in Tagaytay City for Christmas. Have your own experience and list down your own adventure. 

Town's Delight Ready Feast Specials

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This holiday season you may have the best moments with your loved ones, spending the most wonderful time of the year with utmost love and meaningful celebration of the greatest love ever offered by God.   Christmas parties are everywhere—schools, offices, barangays and other groups we belong to, and we appreciate it more when we feast over flavorsome cuisines. Even the simplest party can be the most meaningful one if we spend it with our family and our favorite homey dishes. And with Town’s Delight The Caterer, there is no way that you wouldn’t feel the spirit of great feasting. Without the hassle of too much preparation, which sometimes is the cause of our holiday stress, you may enjoy the cuisines we bring during special occasions. Imagine your celebration with the recipes of Town’s Delight—the most requested ones, with eye-pleasing presentation and equally appealing taste. Experience the memorable treats perfected for over 40 years.     So, whether you are having a simple celebration with your family in your house or spending a grand reunion with your relatives, our ready feast specials would be a perfect choice. Order your favorite Town’s Delight recipe straight to our Executive Chef and co-owner, Ms. Connie Pacumio, to have the most ideal cuisines in your celebration.   Don’t forget to state your taste preferences or special requests when you order because we want to hear from you. Yes, you may access our kitchen by getting in touch with our chef. This would make your celebration more personalized and special.   Order now and have the best party this season.  

Tagaytay: The ultimate wedding destin...

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It’s always been a fantasy to get married with the right person at the right time. But can you agree that the “right place” for this situation also matters? Well, for soon-to-be brides, optimism for this certain perfection matters, and there is no way that you could stop them in pursuing this kind of happening. We tolerate this goal they have, that’s why with Town’s Delight The Caterer, couples are always spoiled with the right and perfect kind of wedding they desire. Why not, if the event we’re talking about happens only once in a lifetime?     Cool breeze to complement the romantic occasion, picturesque view as a backdraft to the memories that will surely be treasured—these are just some of what Tagaytay promises to whoever may pleases to spend their events in its vicinity. And for the longest time, we witnessed some of the most emotional instances of families in the city. While bringing the services for couples, there is indeed a magic in the place that even us can never explain. More than the food, set-ups and other materials that makes a wedding event grandiose is every touching encounters that each of our client experiences. And how can you have all of this if your wedding just happened in a location that is exhausted or congested with too much pollution and unwanted crowd of stuffs? Imagine if the venue you have is that scorching and all your guests can’t help but to express their discomfort.     The venue of your occasion really matters to match the kind of celebration you wanted. And to follow the Disney princesses you’ve been dreaming since childhood days, you have to get booked with one of Tagaytay City’s venues. You have the choice of spending it in a garden with an overlooking view of Taal Volcano or simply just the color of nature; you may also experience a royal-like feel inside the indoor venues or to any other venues perfect for your motif and theme.     Have the ultimate wedding experience by putting together the right person at the right time in Tagaytay City, surely that’s perfection! And don’t forget the right match in having a Tagaytay wedding—that’s us, Town’s Delight The Caterer! Providing the most desirable wedding experiences in Tagaytay for over 41 years, there is no way that we can’t achieve the kind of wedding you want. Call us today and have a moment to treasure till the end of time. 

Wedding Food Ideas

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Tags: Foods, Wedding Ideas

Wedding foods, though considered to be a great slice on your budget, is something you don’t really get into. Catering services would just present their wedding menus and you decide after sorts of food-tasting, unlike the other details which you would really mind.   And to help you suggest more exciting wedding food ideas to your caterer, here is a list of nicely presented and practical foods:       Innovate the Way You Present Comfort Food Surprise your guests with how you present their expected food entrée. Bring the usual meat dish into small and nice serving, like of an appetizer. This way they will not just love the food, they will also have a control of what they eat.   Create Iced-Cocktails With the idea of nice and chic presentation and food transformation, even cocktails can be served like popsicles. Freeze them in a nice mold with pretty sticks. Just keep them away from children. This will make the wedding more interesting.   M-Y-O Food Corner Food Corners are everywhere. So, lay down the salad ingredients and make your guests chefs of their own. Let them choose what is pleasing to their palette and enjoy mixing their own choice of food. With this, your guests will have great time with each other.   Make a Food Theme Organic, Classic, Country, Grilled, Quirky and more… Decide a theme for your food menu, from the appetizers to the main course and desserts, match them with your own motif and let your guests be amazed as you give them a total explosion of great experience.   Heavenly Dessert Station Let your guests revel with goodness as you put up all in one dessert station. Surround chocolate fountain with large mallows, pretzels and other biscuits and you can add cheese fountain beside it. Yes, let the cheese-lovers enjoy this idea. Have them get this awesome treat only in your wedding.   Take-home Boxes And before going home, give your guests awesomely designed boxes to take-home foods. Let them be free and in uniform as they leave your event. Let them feel the great pleasure of love till they get home. This way, they can share the joy even with those who were not able to go in your reception.   Go with the modern way of serving food in your wedding. Have the joy of letting your guests indulge with these new ways of food presentation. Celebrate your special occasion to the fullest and have the best feedback from your guests, remembering the day when they had the best wedding experience.

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