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Are you thinking of spending your wedding celebration in Tagaytay City? Listed as one of the most wonderful wedding venues in the country, Tagaytay gives a different romantic feel for couples. Its cold breeze adds majestic atmosphere while enjoying the scenic view of the world’s smallest active volcano—Taal Volcano.   And if you still have no idea what your theme and style would be, we listed ideas for you to consider and would be perfect with the Tagaytay venues:         Classic Formal Wedding If you want to spend your wedding in a traditional way—choosing the classic formal theme, then indoor pavilions would be perfect for you. Tagaytay City has sophisticated venues that would be perfect for such theme. Go with the black and white sartorial and be fab with the classic roses around the venue. Rent a small orchestra to serenade your guests while experiencing the glamorous event. This often needs a bigger budget to achieve such theme.   Stylish Casual Wedding If you’re a practical one and wanted to go the unconventional way of wedding, why not have a stylish casual theme? Dress yourself in a manner where comfort and tight budget is more felt than being traditional. Go wear for sundresses for the bride while kaki jeans and sport coat for the groom. You can be wild yet proper in having this theme. Tagaytay City has untraditional venues or just rent a backyard that has a great view behind where you can have a stylish casual event.   Elegant Victorian Wedding If you are fond of the Victorian era, where old-styled yet very elegant fashion is in, then the European-inspired venues in Tagaytay would be a perfect match. Prepare your big gowns with ruffles, bows and lace. Even the members of the entourage should consistently follow the dress code to achieve the whole idea. Consider watching movies with such theme to help you get more ideas. Be detailed with this kind of theme. We are sure that you will not have the hassle of getting this kind of style if you’re in Tagaytay, because you will still be refreshed by the weather even when you are carrying a big dress.   Chic Nature Wedding Want an eco-friendly wedding? Tie it up with the green surroundings of Tagaytay. Nature theme is a trend this year—combining different indigenous materials together to achieve a chic and very organic kind of style. Be natural with the details and choose wild flowers to match your theme. Choose forest-looking venues, even the cool highlands would create another great feel. Explore different locations and transform a traditional ceremony into a distinct one.   Rustic Country Wedding Also, consider the old-western kind of theme on your list. Go to a barn and set-up a cowboy-styled wedding set-up. Fill your venue with bright colored flowers like daisies, sunflowers and other yellow flowers. Drink beers and eat burgers and steaks to feel the theme. Let your guests dance with count ...

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Saturate Yourself with Wedding Books ...

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Before you exchange vows with your partner, get some knowledge from wedding books that discusses ceremonies from different aspects. This would create an exciting anticipation for you. It would also give you the feel of love while you prepare for your own ceremony.   And here are the suggested book topics that would certainly help you:   (photo by: Simply Yours Wedding)     The Classic & Traditional Weddings Have some time to read and explore the beauty of traditional weddings. If you have a contemporary type event and almost went out-of-the-box, then this would give you things to remember to still get the basic knowledge of how a wedding ceremony should go.   Weddings from Novels Love from fictional stories would add magic to your own. It would draw yourself to the kind of love you had in your childhood. This would be the sweetest of all your experiences—falling in love with your partner by imagining the characters of each story you read.   Story of Romance The natural drama that romantic type of readings brings would bring passion to you. It would add the desire you have to get married with your partner and help you be as intimate as your partner wanted. And because you are going to enter in an eternal relationship, you should have this feel.   Wedding Poems Also, in a lighter side of your reading, you should check different poems that are especially made for weddings. With this, different kinds of ideas will be added to your knowledge—coming from young couples to the most seasoned, they may be celebrities or just the ordinary ones. This would widen up your understanding to the kind of wedding you will have.   Quirky Stories From the traditional to the pieces of literature, you should also have a diverse one. Read odd stories of love. Be inspired or have a happy thought of weddings from other categories of love story. With this, you will categorize your own and discover the uniqueness of your story.   The Bible Of course for the Christians, there is no greater love story than what is being told in the bible. And for you to get that hint of love story, get it from the maker himself. Reflect from a godly love which displays an eternal and unconditional kind. Be motivated by the purpose that God has given to men, so that you will also get the highest value of love from your partner.   There is nothing that can be compared to the knowledge of someone who reads. And even soon to be wedded couples should undergo as such. Before you enter to something, get to know it first. Be knowledgeable and have a taste of every story that has been done. You would surely have a lot to get and apply in your own special event. Be inspired by this hobby and start an intelligent kind of marriage.

13 Things Your Significant Other Is T...

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Photo: Captivated Popping the question to an unsuspecting significant other is an incredibly nerve wracking experience, even for the most confident beau. While the emotions of the proposal recipient are romantic and joyful, that of the proposal initiator is a range of anxiety and trepidation, most often followed by euphoria at the moment when the word "Yes" is finally uttered. If you've ever wondered about the myriad of thoughts spinning through your loved one's head at the moment of the proposal, read on for the most prominent of the crop.   1. "Did I remember the ring? I could have sworn it was in my coat pocket." 2. "Will she even like the ring? I may be imagining things, but I recall it being much larger in the store..." 3. "The ring is all wrong. She's going to say no. Would she notice if I just postponed the proposal to find a better one?" 4. "Forget the ring. If I don't propose now, I'm going to lose my nerve." 5. "Why didn't I write my speech on notecards? I'm forgetting everything I meant to say and babbling incoherently. I hope she finds my butterflies endearing." 6. "The odds of a hard 'No' are low, right? Wow, waiting for her response is feels never-ending. I haven't been this nervous since, well, I first asked her out." 7. "If she says yes, we'll be engaged to be married. Does this mean I'm becoming a mature adult?" 8. "I hope she feels the same way I do about her." 9. "Are those tears of happiness or horror?" 10. "Have we amassed a small audience? There are more witnesses here than I anticipated. I hope someone brought their camera." 11. "She could not look more beautiful. Did I remember to mention that in my speech? Maybe I should drop the comment in for good measure...just in case." 12. "I finally understand what Stevie Wonder is singing about. Man, do I wish he could have written my proposal for me." 13. "She said yes. Hallelujah."

7 Personal Touches to Make a Big Wedd...

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Photo: Julian Kanz Photography Just because you're throwing a 300-person ballroom wedding doesn't mean you're celebration shouldn't feel intimate. Here are seven ways to personalize your big day — no matter the theme, style or guest count.   1. Personalize Your Musical NotesEvent designer James Abel suggests that personalizing your nuptials may be as simple as honoring your loved ones with meaningful details that recall important milestones in their respective relationships. Abel recommends incorporating the song your parents first danced to as a married couple into your reception playlist for a sentimental surprise.   2. Incorporate a Vintage TouchInstead of investing in an assortment of impersonal rental furniture, event planner Marina Luri advises brides to include heirloom items as well. "Add family owned items to the décor. For example, a vintage chandelier or family china and mix it in with your rentals," Luri explains. Melding meaningful, vintage items with your other décor will add a more hospitable air to your celebration.   3. Create a LoungeAs lovely as a long table lit with candles and crystal may be, guests will feel more at home with more relaxed seating arrangements scattered throughout your reception location. Luri likes cozy spaces where guests can retreat, urging brides, "Create smaller seated spaces within the venue where people can casually sit and have a conversation and share a drink. For example, lounge seating and side tables." 4. Customize Table Settings and Escort CardsNothing reminds guests how much you appreciate their presence like customized table settings and escort cards. One of Luri's favorite ideas is to include photos of each invitee on cards to make guests feel valued.   5. Double Up on Your Wait StaffLauren Sozmen of Loli Events suggests hiring more waiters than seems necessary to increase the intimacy of an event. Nothing is more familial than feeling doted–upon, and a full wait staff will improve the experience for your loved ones.   6. Blend In Games And Trivia Viva Max Kaley of Viva Max events encourages brides to lighten the mood and kick off the festivities withgames and personalized trivia. Says Kaley, “One time my couple wrote the story of how they met, one version from the bride and one version from the groom and we printed the two stories and set them on the tables. It felt personal and brought the guests closer to the couple.”   7. Incorporate Soft Lighting with CandlesWhen in doubt, bring the lighting of your venue down with well-placed candles. Wedding planner José Rolonsuggests that an atmospheric and welcoming addition to any reception venue is an array of flickering candles. Florescent or garish overhead lighting is jarring, but Rolon explains that candles are just the opposite, noting, "“You can never have too many! ...

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