10 Things A Bride Should Never Do Acc...

by Wedding In The Sky on 08/29/2015 - 03:28 pm |

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Photo: Getty Images Owner of Weddings in Vieques, a destination-wedding planning company off the coast of Puerto Rico, Sandy Malone has helped countless couples plan their big day since 2007. Here, she breaks down the top 10 things she'd advise her clients never to do. Wouldn't it be nice if all my brides and grooms took all of the advice that they pay me to give them and actually followed it? But they don't. That said, there are some things that I tell all of my clients not to do and it's always interesting to see who listens.   1. Don't invite more guests that you can actually afford to have accept your invitation. 2. Don't pad your invitation list to get more gifts — that's called a "gift grab" and is easily recognizable and frequently snarked about. Send announcements instead. 3. If you're using a wedding planner, don't start interviewing and hiring vendors on your own first. Most planners have preferred vendors they'll ask you to consider. 4. Don't designate your daughter, friend or anybody else as a "go between" for you and the planner because you are too busy. 5. Don't shop with abandon for your welcome bags, favors and décor whenever you see something you like. That stuff adds up fast — and often, it doesn't match the theme or décor you eventually choose. 6. Don't let the bridesmaids choose their own dresses. Give them guidance to ensure all of them look cohesive in photos: Choose a color in a certain designer's line of dresses and let them choose their own style. Give input about the neckline and length, too. 7. Don't give your wedding party gifts that they have to use or wear for your actual wedding. That's called "accessorizing" your wedding party, not thanking them. 8. Don't skip registering for gifts. Some brides and grooms skip it in hopes of getting cash gifts — and nobody is fooled. It's extremely bad etiquette. If they wish to give you a money-based gift certificate, they will. If you don't want gifts at all, put something snappy like, "Your presence is present enough!" on your wedding website. 9. Don't invite the same wedding guests to more than one bridal shower, unless they're immediate family or wedding party. Again, it looks like a gift grab and your guests will feel overburdened. 10. Don't put off all the things your wedding planner told you to get done in the first three months of planning. It's easy to tell yourself you have a year to write your DJ playlist, choose your ceremony music and write your vows and then procrastinate. But when you're three months out from your wedding date and trying to keep up with thank-you notes, showers and bachelorette parties, and get ready for the actual big day, those things you were supposed to do six months before will come back to haunt you.   Source: http://www.brides.com/blogs/aisle-say/2014/09/things-never-to-do-according-to-wedding-planne ...

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9 Signs You're Totally Ready for Mari...

by Wedding In The Sky on 08/08/2015 - 02:32 pm |

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  Five years ago you were out with your BFFs until 5 A.M. and locking lips with random hotties at the bar thinking, "Man, this is the life!" Flash forward to the present day and not only does the thought of a public makeout with a stranger at a dingy bar gross you out (ew!), but you couldn't imagine staying up that late on the regular. It's not that you're getting old...okay, maybe that's part of it. However, you've finally met someone who makes you want to settle down and be all domestic. If you didn't know already, here's 9 signs you're totes ready for married life.   1. You've officially kissed your sloppy drunk club days goodbye, well, for the most part anyway. Your idea of the perfect Friday night now consists of takeout sushi from your favorite spot, a glass of good wine and a Netflix movie with your guy.   2. You treasure your girl time/alone time and aren't in the least bit worried about what he's up to when he's with his boys. Poker nights are pretty harmless, plus you can typically expect a sweet text or two from him throughout the evening. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.   3. You already have your future kids first and middle names picked out (for both sexes, obviously), although that's not to say you plan on popping out babies anytime soon.But hey, if it were to happen, you wouldn't be too mad about it. He's got some good genes and heck, so do you!   4. Speaking of little ones, taking a pregnancy test all of a sudden isn't so terrifying, which is kind of terrifying in itself, right? In fact, the one time you and your guy did have a scare you actually felt a slight twinge of disappointment (a totally foreign feeling for you) when it came back negative. Who would have thought the day would come...   5. You've either talked about opening or currently have a joint bank account for shared finances, like monthly rent, groceries, vacations and date nights out.And while you may want to ring his neck sometimes, like when he forces you to walk five blocks in heels because he simply doesn't believe in paying for valet, ugh, you've somehow managed to make it work and make sacrifices on both sides.   6. Home is where the heart is. In addition to bridal blogs, you increasingly find yourself perusing home décor websites more than your go-to fashion and beauty ones. What can you say; those pretty patterned throw pillows and Moroccan-inspired rugs are calling your name, and OMG, you've just got to get your hands on a midcentury bar cart or you might die.   7. You're comfortable (almost too comfortable) saying and doing pretty much anything around him and vice versa. You trust him with your deepest secrets and wouldn't think twice about asking him to pick up tampons or a late night chocolate treat from the grocery store for you. Now, that's love.   8. You weren't sure it wa ...

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11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Y...

by Wedding In The Sky on 08/05/2015 - 01:08 pm |

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  The guest list is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. But a bride and groom shouldn't feel the need to invite everyone they've ever met. Looking for some guidance? We asked four wedding planners to share questions they suggest you ask yourself to help decide who should (and shouldn't) be on the list.   1. Have I met this person before?This may seem basic, but brides and grooms are frequently introduced to people for the first time at their wedding! It can especially be the case with distant relatives and business associates of parents. Stephanie Sica, founder of Orchard + Broome Events, knows that curbing family guest lists can be tricky. "Sure, Mom may want her coworker who hears so many stories about you to see you tie the knot, but if you don't know that woman, is it realistic?"   2. When was the last time I saw this person?Lindsey Nickel, owner and event planner at Lovely Day Events, says that if you haven't laid eyes on a person in 12-18 months — or at least had a nice, long phone conversation if they live far away then you probably shouldn't invite them.   3. Am I aware of the day-to-day aspects of this person's life? You should only be surrounded by people who have a vested interest in your life and your relationship, and vice versa, according to Andrea Eppolito of Andrea Eppolito Weddings & Events. This goes for who you are today and who you will be 10 years from now, not who you were 10 years ago.   4. Did I attend their wedding?If you were at their wedding years ago but have since lost contact, you may not need to invite them. Emily Starr Alfano of mStarr Event Design sees no need to reciprocate if you're no longer close. Only invite them if you really want the person back in your life.   5. For coworkers, what kind of connection would I have with this person five years from now if we weren't still working together? It can be hard to distinguish the present from the future. People who you see every single day for at least eight hours at a clip right now? They may not be in your life long term. Alfano urges against inviting a coworker simply due to proximity.   6. Do I spend holidays and birthdays with this person?Seeing someone for big life events means they should be included in your wedding. End of story.   7. Are we inviting the rest of their family?Eppolito says that if you have three cousins but you're only close with two, you should keep the peace and invite all of them.   8. Am I comfortable being around this person?"Your wedding is a party, yes, but a very personal experience," Alfano says. That said, do you want your boss there to witness your open-bar-plus-dance-floor hijinks?   9. Is this person a positive influence in my life?Nobody wants a Debbie Downer at their wedding. But think twice before crossing all Negative Nancys off your list.   10. If we moved away, would w ...

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Centerpiece ideas for your wedding

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In preparing for your wedding, it is important to consider the trend, especially when you wanted to have a certain theme for your wedding. Gone were the days when you just consult one to operate everything. And since wedding is an occasion where details really matters, we searched for one of the most important designs during wedding receptions—table centerpiece. That is why, we listed some of the best ideas you may acquire in your own occasion:     White Centerpiece     Knowing that wedding is one of the most sacred occasions for couples, white is always a major color in decorating the whole place where the event is being held. So, to execute a well-designed white centerpiece, just incorporate a candle with an elegantly-designed silver holder and dendrobium orchids around it.   Beach-inspired Centerpiece     For an out of the box idea, bring a water-world adventure on the table as you use fishbowls as your table centerpiece. Just fill the fishbowls with sand just enough to bring a bit layer, and then put gorgeous shells and other aquatic designs inside. It would surely create a different atmosphere around the venue.   Sweet Delight Centerpieces   A great idea to entice kids to go to their respective area, make a sweet delight centerpiece on their tables. Just stack-up pieces of doughnuts or cupcakes topped with colorful candy crinkles and/or marsh mallows to make it more fun. Who would not be enticed? Surely, even adult guests would want to go in that area.   Herb Centerpieces     This would be the best idea for couples who would want to have a healthy wedding celebration. Decorate boxes and fill them with tarragon, basil and oregano plants. Let your guests feel how organic their meals are as they pick their favorite herb and add it in their plate.   Toolbox Centerpiece     And of course, on the list is our very own toolbox centerpiece. Perfect for rustic-themed wedding, this design would make an ordinary garden wedding a spectacular one. Aside from its uniqueness, it also brings a feel of western culture. It just needs some fresh flowers to make it more attractive and it’s impeccable. This idea is an original concept of Town’s Delight The Caterer, with more than four decades in the industry, we’ve been mastering the art of putting up wedding designs to give to our valued clients the best quality service more than what they expect.

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