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Aside from having an eco-friendly wedding in Tagaytay, there are more options that you can definitely achieve in this splendid place. With its cool breeze and green surroundings, this place can turn into a marvelous location for different motifs. Whether indoors or outdoors, your celebration can definitely have an ideal feel into whatever motif you choose. And to help you decide, we listed some of the most interesting themes that you can achieve in Metro Tagaytay:       Up the movie The touching story of Carl and his wife really represent an undying love that inspired a lot of couples who watched the film Up. With its signature thousand balloons that were tied with his house, couples can also achieve this touching film by putting tied balloons as their backdrop. The couple may also copy the distinct look of the couple. Young grooms can also wear scout’s outfit like Russel, the most adorable character in the movie. With its perfect sky-like settings couple may choose outdoor Tagaytay wedding.   Game of Thrones series Airing their fifth season, Game of Thrones can also be a hit in Tagaytay. Having an ideal cool weather, couples and their secondary sponsors can wear their Winterfell costumes. Without the fight and tensioned scenes on the TV series, couples may celebrate their love with this awesome idea.   The Great Gatsby movie DiCaprio’s character in this lux movie can be ideal for the groom. With its vintage idea, the vibrant colors of fabrics can still be in use. Spectacular set-up would not be a problem as you choose indoor pavilions that Tagaytay venues provide. Rent classy vintage car that would drive a splendidly dressed bride in your venue. Tell your guests to wear their modern 20’s outfits in coming to your event.   The Hunger Games Based in a hit novel, The Hunger Games can also be an interesting wedding motif. Pulling out the details that Katnnis and Peetah’s love story showed, bride and groom may have a wonderful party. Brides may ask their stylist to get an inspiration from its sequel Catching Fire to achieve that fierce design and look. A lot of details can also be an inspiration in the reception area of the wedding. They may need to look for a Tagaytay venue that has that forest feel.   Alice in Wonderland film Prepare a tea party for your guests and set-up a simple corner for food. But don’t forget to ask your guests to wear the quirky Alice in Wonderland characters’ costumes. And of course, create a rabbit hole around the venue to complete the feel of this movie.     Maximize the beauty of Tagaytay City and spend the most memorable events in your life with us. Go out of the box and don’t limit yourself in celebrating you wedding. Have fun and revel the love you share with your partner.

Tips on taking an Instagram worthy fo...

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Do you want an impressive Instagram photo? These days, it’s been very habitual to document everything using social media accounts. Taking pictures of everything here and there becomes a hit. And one of the most common subjects in taking photos is food. Whether taking meals at home, buying food on the streets or even in classy restaurants, photos are taken. There is no way that one misses a single shot of their food. And to help you take better photos before uploading it on Instagram, we have listed some tips from different pros:       Take more than one photo Before you settle for one, always consider taking one subject in different angles. Play with the lighting of the subject and capture it with creativity. This way, you will have the chance to compare photos before uploading one. Choose what you think is best.   Use natural light It is always better to use the natural light than camera flash. Camera flashes can turn the subject to an unlikely look. Its flash can destroy the attractiveness of the subject’s color. Whether you are having your food indoor or outdoor, natural light is well recommended. Light is very important, so if you want your food to look more appetizing, use natural light.   Maximize effects There are a lot of effects available on Instagram, as well as the different apps for photo editing. Try enhancing the photo without too much filters. But if it needs a little bit of light and contrast, don’t hesitate to use it. Remember the natural look of the food can stand in its own. That’s why if the photo is attractive enough, then skip editing.   Focus on the subject If you want to establish a certain dish or a spot that really made your day, use the focus of your camera and give emphasis to it. You can apply the depth of field until the background gets blurred and the photo focuses on the subject as desired. If focus lens or button is not available, just use the blur tool during editing to distort the background.   Get IG inspirations Since you are not a pro, get an inspiration. Learn how professionals take photos of their food. Have a peg in every food you are going to capture. This process is just natural for everyone until you get your own sense of style in taking food photos. It helps how to get some creativity from reputable photographers. Also, you can follow food establishments on IG that really has impressive food photos.   Always be ready Be quick to take photos especially if you’re with your family and friends. Fun and enjoyment in indulging with food together with your loved ones is inevitable. That is why, always be ready in bringing your gadgets and take photos spontaneously. This would bring out the joy in every photo you are taking.   It is important to have documentations in everything that we do, but the most important thing is to enjoy and get satisfied, because in the end of the day, the experience counts more than the ...

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Indoor Church or Outdoor Nature Wedding?

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Setting aside the religious viewpoint in this decision, let us take a look on what could be the possible advantages and disadvantages of both venues. As lovers become one on the date of their wedding, where would be more appealing to exchange vows in the traditional indoor church or spend it with the beauty of outdoor nature?     If we are going to tackle a step-by-step realization here is a list on what to think through:     Weather In the Philippines where the weather condition is unpredictable, indoor church is an advantage. Weather it rains or not, you will have certain roof to protect you. While outdoor weddings only gives certain good weather in the month of March and April, where you will feel the heat of summer.   Versatility It is important to make the place versatile for the guests. This one is an advantage for the Outdoor Nature, because you may have the perfect location matched to the number of guests you have. You can’t spend your wedding with 50 guests in a big cathedral or 300 guests in a small chapel, unlike outdoor venues where you can just add up chairs and there you have all your guests perfectly sitting.   Privacy You would want to spend your wedding in solemnity and peace. This is an advantage of Indoor weddings where there will be no strong winds contending the ceremony. Aside from that, you will have no loitering strangers around.   Surroundings Obviously, this is an advantage of Outdoor weddings—giving more variations of majestic and moving backgrounds. This can make your wedding more remarkable for the guests, giving them exceptional experience in your special day.   Ambience There will be no compromise that Indoor Church weddings give the most romantic and classy ambience that your wedding could ever have. With its great structure, symbolic images and grandiose feel, a church has a certain touch that other venues can’t provide.   Limits Some couples choose outdoor venues because they avoid restrictions that church weddings have. It is an advantage of Outdoor weddings to get free from any church rituals or traditions, but of course it still depends on the act you want to do. That is why it is important to get the most appropriate place for your belief and stand.   Whatever you choose, the most important thing is that you would make a commitment with your partner in the sight of the Lord and your loved ones. Weather you choose the traditional church venue or outside with the feel of nature, as long as you feel happy and satisfied, there will be nothing wrong. You can be in solemn and fervent indoor, or chic and playful with nature. It’s definitely your choice.  


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Many couples have dilemmas in deciding what wedding motif they are going to choose. With a lot of beautiful colors around, listed down are the different color motifs to help you decide and incorporate colors together:     Gilded (Gold, Champagne, Ivory, Black) If you want your wedding to achieve the look of sophistication and luxe, this color combination should be your peg. With touches of gold, your set-up will be filled with glamour. Heaven Sent (Cornflower Blue, Sky Blue, Ice Blue, Gold) These heavenly colors would be perfect to a Tagaytay wedding. The view of the sky and nature would complement the color combination. Indeed with the romantic occasion, these colors would bring great feel. Sun Kissed (Marigold, Butter, Gold, Chocolate) This elegant color combination would indeed bring glow to your wedding. The warmth of the colors would bring opulence in your occasion. Classic Chic (Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Coral, Peach) This favorite theme has been around for the last couple of years and still getting bride’s palette. This refreshing and classy color combination has brought gladness to wedding guests who witness such wedding motif. Vintage (Cream Rose, Custom Pink, Carnation, Teaberry)   The undying vintage theme will always be a great choice. With the classy ambience it brings to every wedding with these colors, vintage colors will always be in demand. Add vintage items and your ideal wedding will come to life.   Natural (Custom Tan, Sugar, Sage, White)   What can be more awesome that the natural colors. Adding up this combination would bring class to your wedding. Ambience would be purely romantic and the bride and groom will surely stand out. With this motif, you can be playful with other details and still get a good view of everything.   Vivid (Raspberry, Custom Lavender, Champagne, Blush)   These bold and bright color combinations would make a playful and light ambience in your venue. Youthful atmosphere will be felt as the bride go with this combination. This may also require more flower design to emphasize the different colors required.     These are just some of the gorgeous looking color combinations that you can choose from if you’re planning for your wedding soon. Consider your reception area and match what colors you will choose. And also match the colors to the personality of the couple in order to make it more memorable for the two. Make a wonderful colorful match and God would surely bless from the above.

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