What guests MUST remember in attendin...

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Got a wedding invitation? You better check these guidelines for you not to ruin anything on that event. Make the couple at ease from any trouble and just have fun with everyone. And here are the things you must not do:     Don’t bring your own guest Filipinos are known to be hospitable with their guests—but during someone else’s event, don’t bring your own. It’s been a great trouble for the couples planning how many guests to invite. And sometimes, they even cut down the number of guests just to make their budget suit for all cost. So, it is very inappropriate bringing your own guest, without considering the whole preparation done before the event. And to make an emphasis, don’t even dare ask the couple if you can. Just go and mingle with other guests who are invited as well.   Enjoy, but never overdo it Wedding is a celebration of love. It is normal having a good time with the couple and other guests, but make sure to stay respectful to all. It is also a formal gathering of the family and relatives of the couple, so stay proper with your stand and ways. Never be too loud or dancing wildly, always consider other guests.   Don’t pass by while photographers take picture When walking around the area, whether during the ceremony or the reception, be alert if a camera is ready to take a momentous happening. You might just destroy the work of the photographer. Never let a story not captured because of walking around. It would be nice if you just sit properly and always be cooperative with all the assigned people on the event.  Remember that the couple paid the photographer well and never make them upset.   Wear attires that has colors other than white In weddings, it is expected for the bride to wear white. And for the groom in some instances, choose the color white to set them apart the other members of the entourage. That is why as a guest, you should give way to the couple’s freedom to wear their purity symbol while exchanging their vows. Have the choice of having numerous colors available. But don’t overdress yourself or you will look inappropriate in the wedding.  Always consider that the couple should be the star of their own special event, so make them stand out.   No asking of any wedding cost And if it happened that you talk with the couple, never ask any of their expenses in the wedding. Given that you are curious about how much they spent, it is still inappropriate to ask. Let them enjoy their day, whether they spent much or less. Just ask them their plans and always think of positive situations that would help them ease the stress of the whole preparation. Make them feel comfortable and satisfied.   Observe the following guidelines to lessen any stress that you may cause in the wedding. Make sure to be proper and ideal as a guest and a friend to the couple. Have fun and celebrate love without interrupting or offending anyon ...

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For The Groom: What To Keep In Mind I...

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Time to make the grooms look at their best—with hundreds of tips given to the brides, make-up, dresses, hairdos and all, we are giving the grooms one thing that would make them definitely the man of the hour. From their everyday look, let’s make them a bit more neat and formal with their lovely brides.     Compiling some tips from other designers, we give a list on how to appear great in your tuxedos:   Choose Black and White You should not compromise the fact that black and white is still the most sophisticated look for grooms. Don’t go with fun colors, you might look awkward that may lead guests to make fun of you. Black and white will always complement any color, that’s why whatever theme you have, you will always look good. It will as well look great with the bride, not overpowering the dress she’s wearing.   Buy, Rent or Recycle? If you have enough resources, then buy the best tuxedo or go to a designer that would make one for you. But if it’s not practical for you, then just rent one that is with good quality and great style. And if you have one, just ask a good tailor to repair it for the wedding. Always go with what is practical. Tuxedos are expensive, so learn how to spend your money well. The key in making this certain decision is the price—without compromising the quality.   STAND OUT Whether you choose black and white, rent, buy or recycle—you should stand out. The groom must also be named: “the fairest” among all guys in the area. You will achieve this if you choose the right tuxedo, style of sophistication, pair of shoes, hairdo and all. Let the photographer know who rules in the event. Make a distinction and get an accessory to make you stand out without being too much with it.   Select One that Fits Your Body Select a tuxedo that fits your body best. Remember we’re already in the modern days, so choose a style that is timely. Don’t go with loose tuxedos as they do decades ago. Ask the tailor to make you look more modern and stand out. Even with your slacks, select one that emphasizes your great shape. If not with a model-type body, ask your tailor to hide the weakness of the body.   Be Comfortable! This would be the most important thing to consider. You will be wearing it in more than 3 hours of ceremony and celebration. Aside from that you will also be moving around and walk a lot, so always be comfortable with what you wear. Do not make yourself suffer, always remember that the best outfit to wear is the outfit that makes us comfortable—that applies even in wedding events.   We hope that these reminders would help you decide in choosing the right tuxedo in your wedding. Celebrate love and comfort with your partner.

Welcoming the Newlyweds from their Ex...

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Wedding is a bang of great celebration! It is a start of eternal commitment with the person you love most and it for certain that you prepare for it for months and even years to make sure you spend it well and memorable. After the exchange of vows, the exit of the newlyweds is so much anticipated. That is why we listed down some ideas how to welcome them outside the church to a new beginning:     Showering Rice Grains and/or Sprinkles It’s been a part of the Filipino culture to shower rice grains to the newlyweds after the ceremony as part of the Hindu influence. It is a custom of coveting the couple good luck as well as fertility. While sprinkles, from Americans symbolizes sweet wishes. They select colorful sweets from the stores to make it more attractive in the eyes. This welcoming practice has been expected from the old times.   Confetti Outburst These days, weddings in the metro prefer using confetti in welcoming the newlyweds than the traditional rice grains. It is more convenient on their part. It has been justified to be safer to shower, because sometimes rice grains are being thrown to the couple instead of showered. That is why many select this modern option than the other.   Colorful Leaves For Nature themed weddings, you may pick colorful leaves to shower the couple. It is a nice option to match the theme. It is also easier to find, but of course it should still be thoroughly picked to avoid any harmful object. Or if you like it lighter and more colorful, you may just cut out papers as substitute.   Cheer Them with Pompoms Are the newlyweds fond of sports? Then cheer them up with colorful pompoms. It is a great choice for those who don’t want clutter around the entrance of the venue after the ceremony. Just bring uniformed pompoms to match the theme and style of the wedding. Also, you may add textured materials to the pompoms to have some nice noise.   Wave Vibrant Ribbons Still to follow the no-clutter welcome, just wave vibrant ribbons to welcome the couple. It would be more friendly and nice. It may also be new to the eyes of the newlyweds and may have fun entering the new endeavors of their lives. It would send them off the new area of their being. Ribbons may also symbolize great representation of your wish.   There are times when you just have to have the right motive in welcoming the newlyweds, giving the right amount of support and motivation to let them feel that their wedding is one of their greatest decisions to make. Let them have your confirmation of saying “you did it!” Send them off with the message of love as they unite as one. Be creative and have fun welcoming their commitment with God Almighty.

What to Include in a Bridal Emergency...

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In any situation, especially in special events like weddings, you would want it to be perfectly as planned. But since there are unwanted things we cannot hinder, we should always be prepared in dealing with them.  The brides often have the attention of all. She will be viewed in all sides and see to it that she will be well presented. And to help the brides achieve that grace under pressure and how to survive situations as such, here is an emergency kit for the bride:     Facial Tissue Especially in a day wedding, brides will definitely sweat and will need facial tissue. This would also help you keep the freshness of your look even after the ceremony. Not just sweat, but this will also serve as a friend when unwanted stains come along during the reception.   Small Hairspray and Bobby Pins For the hair, brides should always have a hairspray to avoid hair that flies-away. It would make the hair steadier for the whole duration of the wedding. Bobby pins are also the most helpful things in the world in keeping your hair in great style. It can also hold fabrics or details in your dress in case of emergency.   Lipstick How can we forget the lipstick—forget everything in your make-up kit, but not your lipstick. It will keep your lips gorgeous even after eating. This can also serve as you blush on or eye shadow if they start to fade. So, don’t forget your lipstick.   Wet Tissue  In wearing a big white wedding dress, you can’t avoid any kind of stain. There will be kids running around you or guests that can accidentally pour their food and might put a stain in your dress. And to help you avoid, get a wet tissue and immediately wipe stains off your dress.   Needle and Thread or Double-sided Tape There may be dress detail that needs to be repaired after accidentally detached from the dress. That’s why always prepare a needle and thread ready to sew any kind of dress malfunction to make you survive and look gorgeous all throughout your wedding. And if you want a “no-hassle” in sewing, then just get a double-sided tape.   Other Emergency Needs Also, include Band-Aids and other medicines that you would need just in case. And if you think you still forget something, just imagine all possible situations that might happen.   Most importantly, put everything in a small and organized bag for you not to be anxious in handling. Be a worry-free bride and save yourself from any unwanted happening. We hope that you will have a gorgeous way of handling difficult situations in your wedding.    

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