Fab and Must Vintage Wedding Ideas

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Vintage themed weddings are very much around these days. Its romantic and very classy look makes the whole wedding majestic. It really is a hit for young couples, especially for those who want to make their wedding look artistically glamorous. Following the trend in 1920’s, vintage weddings really have to go with the details to achieve the feel. And to help you succeed, here are the fab and must ideas to consider:   Match the Venue Start with the venue. Choose a venue that would help you achieve the theme. Take a look at our partnering venues like Alta Veranda de Tibig and Tagaytay Ridge. Alta Veranda has the classic Spanish era look which would be a great base for the vintage-style wedding. Its terraces can be a great view for photos. The colors of the wall as well as the building itself can really make your wedding attain the desired theme. While Tagaytay Ridge has sophisticated wood designs and warm lights that would achieve the old-style look. Venues with vintage theme would ease your preparation in reaching the vintage look of wedding.   Choose the Right Colors In aiming a vintage-inspired wedding, you might first consider neutral colors, but better think again. Bolder colors if used in small doses can make the wedding vintage looking. Also, you may use pastel and other muted colors to have it more succeeded.   Light it Right Choosing the appropriate lights in your wedding venue matters in attaining a vintage themed wedding, that’s why always consider further research. Warm lighting may help in giving the right feel in the venue. Also consider chandeliers that have rustic designs to give the right atmosphere. You may also lessen the decors if you already have achieved the right lighting.   1920’s or Victorian Era Fashion? Wear Marie Antoinette’s gowns and gear up the guys with the look of Prince Charming. Consider it a great venue to express your frustration in wearing these exceptional dresses, but if you think it’s too much, then just do the 1920’s look. You will have to consider the right hair and dress for this. Add the touch of modernism by adding metallic touches like accessories and all.   Bring Out the Vintage Ornaments And of course display different vintage ornaments around the venues, aside from the chandeliers. Have a great stool for the antique radio or typewriters. You may rent from any vintage stores around or simply ask your friends if they have vintage stuffs around their houses that you could use.   There is always a way to make your vintage themed wedding fabulous. You don’t need to have that much stress as long as you follow these ideas. We hope for your merry and glamorous wedding. Let your guests also feel the timeless love that you have as what vintage wedding is about. 

Other Ideas Instead Having the Usual ...

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Want to try a different dessert as the centerpiece in your wedding other than the usual cake? We listed some ideas to make your wedding less expensive but more interesting. These equally delicious treats may take you into a different wedding experience and may lead your guests into indulging with its awesome uniqueness. And here is our list:     Pies The different flavorsome varieties of pie make it really a great choice to have other than the usual cake. Its straight to the point luscious goodness will create another remark in your occasion. Your guests will surely have a preference with this idea. You may also incorporate different pie slices in one platter to make it look more special. This is perfect for rustic chic or country themed weddings. But if you really have the guts, then have it even in formal type of your big day.   Doughnuts This flexible and easy-to-design delight makes it a great substitute to wedding cakes. It can be playful with different designs and colors and can also be as sophisticated and neat with desired classy appearance. Doughnut is undeniably a favorite treat in all ages. That’s why if you don’t want to have cakes, then try doughnuts—make it personalized, putting your favorite toppings on. You may also have your guests enjoy different kinds of it.   Ice Cream Spending your wedding under the summer heat? This idea would make your wedding an exceptional one. Ice cream became a great choice to lovers who are really fond of it. That’s why you should also consider serving this instead of cakes for your guests. Add delicious toppings like chocolate chips, sprinkles, chocolate crumbles, nuts and others. And drizzle overwhelming chocolate or strawberry syrups. Make your guests have the pleasure of sweet goodness with this idea.   Cake Pops Still want to have a cake, but want to make it in an unusual form? Try cake pops. Have the same taste in a more convenient and fun appearance. Color it brightly and glaze it with awesome sweet flavors. Let the children also indulge with this kind of idea. Why go with the usual, be different and experience the trendy look of cakes. With this, you can personalize flavors and toppings. But make sure to make your centerpiece an elegant looking one.   Kakanin And how can we forget our very own local cuisine. Having all-Filipino dishes? Have the idea of having kakanin. Have the local version of it and make your foreign guests indulge with its authentic taste, while your relatives also enjoy the homey flavor of it. Go and make your own cake. It is much cheaper yet still awesome tasting. You can never go wrong with any kakanin variety. We are sure it would click and make a remark in your guests’ taste buds.   Be distinct even in choosing your cake. Get out of the tradition and enjoy the different sweet and yummy offering you can have in your own wedding. Surprise your guests with these ideas, they will surely hav ...

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Tips To Keep Your Wedding Cheap Yet F...

by Wedding In The Sky on 05/19/2015 - 09:32 am |

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Given that you have set enough funds for your wedding, there is still a need to consider the following Tipid Tips for you to think twice about the things you already chose. You have to know these ideas from the experiences of wedding professionals and make the best out of what you have. Here’s the list:   Choose a two-in-one venue Instead of having a separate location for the ceremony and reception, combine them and choose only one. Most couples these days are choosing only one venue for their ceremony and reception. Aside from less hassle, it saves a lot of money. Having two locations also causes more travel expense and double venue set-ups. The key to this idea is that you must choose a perfect wedding ambience. With Tagaytay weddings, there are a lot of venue locations. Also, whatever motif and style you have, there is a perfect place for it—not to mention the natural romantic ambience of the area itself.   Partner with a caterer that caters all Select a caterer that partners with different suppliers. You will certainly get big discounts if you have a caterer that serves all you need—food, cake, set-up, bridal car, gowns, venues and all. Wedding packages will give you convenience of minding everything in details. So, if you really want to save, get a caterer that has it all, and not to forget the quality of service. Caterers’ primary service is food, so it is a must to know if they have great tasting food to offer. Make sure that what they offer is worth their payment. Also, check if they are credible in doing the service you ask. The best way to save is to have great quality in every centavo you spent.   Be friend to all wedding suppliers Have a connection with the wedding providers, not to get discounts but to know what package or product would fit your style and budget. It is not being hypocrite on their sight. Just win their attention on what you really need. Sometimes, they just stick to what they offer, but when they see your approach and they see the great connection you build, they will certainly give just what you need more that what they want to offer.   Use your connections Before you get married, it is for sure that you already met photographers, videographers, florists and other suppliers and already made good connections with them. Or even your friends having connections to professional wedding suppliers—use it to get big discounts. When planning your wedding, make sure that you contact your friends to facilitate your wedding. If you know they have enough ability and artistry, they will surely make your budget free from stressful damage. Make sure you consulted everyone before choosing a supplier that is outside your network.   Plan the honeymoon later on If you and your partner are working, it is more practical to spend your honeymoon later after the wedding. Earn again to have another budget to use. By doing this, quality time, convenience and uncompromised ...

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Garden Wedding Ideas

by Wedding In The Sky on 05/19/2015 - 09:24 am |

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Are you planning for a garden wedding? Here are some suggestions you may take in order to make the most out of this idea and have the most wonderful wedding celebration. Consider each detail very important to cover all the need of your wedding. It is important for you to start this idea in an optimistic way.     And finally, let us begin with:   Fan-Made Invitations Be creative and seek the need of your guests. Garden weddings are often hot, especially if it is in the afternoon. That’s why you need to give your guests something to help them ease the weather condition. So, they would appreciate the fan-made invitation, using it in a nice and presentable way.   Bales of Hay as Chairs It’s always a problem dealing with chairs that sink on the grass. That’s why, to prevent that hassle, just avail bales of hay and cover it with themed blankets or covers. It will be a nice and unique idea that your guests will experience exclusively in your wedding.   Cement Blocks to Step On And since our concern is the ground where you and your guests could probably sink, it is good if you prepare nice and flattened cement blocks to step on. Put these blocks on the aisles where everyone will be stepping.   Protection from Insects You need also to protect your guests from any insect bites. Since you are having wedding in the garden, you should prepare insect repellent products to protect your guests. Give them individual packs and choices.   Keep the Flowers Fresh Since hot, you also need to take care of the flowers. In garden weddings, where most decorations are flowers, you need to shelter them. That is why it is important that you always spray them with water.   Flowers and Lights In having garden weddings, you should not consider a lot of decorations to put. The key to a chic and sophisticated look is that you keep it simple with flowers and light. Let the nature be your decoration and the lights bring dramatic ambience by night. Be minimalist in dealing with nature.   Hang the Tables Having said that you should make the decorations simple, you can also play with the other details, like hanging the tables for more drama. It will be interesting for the guests having this kind of look. They will surely love it and sure to get great feedback after.   Make a Simple yet Classy Entrance And finally, make a simple entrance for the bride. You can use larger size of doorframe with garden details. This can also serve as the reception backdrop or photo booth background after the ceremony.   With these ideas, we hope that you will have a unique and more fun wedding celebration. We know how you would love to make you wedding extra special and distinct from the others. That is why we would love to help and support whatever you have in mind.

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