Grooms’ MUST Responsibilities

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Soon to be wedded couples must go hand in hand in their wedding preparations. But wondered why brides are always busier than the groom? To help the couples in making the duties fair for both individual, we identified the responsibilities a groom must take in order to help the brides, aside from driving them to their meetings and providing the financial support. According to some articles, here are the “must” responsibilities:     Support the bride with the details A groom may support the bride by stating his opinions during decisions about their wedding details. Though brides have more to say about these matters, it still helps if grooms start agreeing or suggesting better ones for the improvement of any thought. The confusion of suggesting and arguing should be settled. You know your partner, so try conversing in a way that both will understand each thought.   Provide the things the bride forgets to think Get involved with the process! Never skip a single step of the preparation. Though the bride thinks of the details, always remember the basic things that she might forget. By doing this, you will save any misfortune of forgetting an important wedding matter. Enlist the dos and don’ts and create a checklist to lessen the burden of remembering everything in mind.   Brief your family how to deal with the bride and her family This item applies even to the bride, but as for the groom, this is a must. To let your family be aware of whom you are marrying to is very important. Let them know how to deal with her as well as how they interact, in order to avoid awkward and unwanted situations. You have the control of keeping your family avoid any inappropriate and offending actions during the wedding.   Making sure of giving the invitations rightly to all guests It is a man’s duty to contact all guests and make sure to invite them—having the right addresses and phone numbers. While the bride is busy about the ceremony and reception, beautifying the area as well as the services that you would give, grooms must take charge of the guests—consistently reminding all not to forget their important event.   Securing his bride that everything is in control Give the motivation that is justly needed in the whole preparation. Wedding preparation is indeed a stressful experience unless there is someone who really gives the drive to work. That is why, instead of adding up stress, just remind your bride that everything will go well. Take a stand of supporting and providing security in the wedding.   Being responsible in any task is a decision to make. And being the groom, men should practice how they will handle their family in the future. It would make the brides more confident and would validate their decision of marrying the right guy.

Set a Kiddie Space on Your Wedding

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We can never set aside the welfare of children in wedding celebrations. That is why instead of letting them be irritated with the long program during the reception, make them enjoy the occasion and set a Kiddie Space in your venue. Get a small wide table, add colorful stuff to entice them and make them busy with some artworks.     And to help you get the fullness of this idea, here are the things you should include:   Fun and Colorful Decors Get your kids fascinated with the different decorations around their area. They will never resist this idea but love to bump in with other kids. Add fictional characters and different materials that they will be curious about.   Give Them a Pool of Awesome Colors and Papers Let them paint and draw. Cover the table with craft paper to avoid any damage. With this they will not just enjoy but also express themselves through painting. Allow them to create great image and always appreciate their creations.   Include Some Activity Books With mazes, puzzles and other amusing book activities, your little ones would have some great time. Let them be free in doing these activities to let them feel their time alone in their area. They would love to copy your actions while doing these activities.   Don’t Forget to Add Amazing Toys Something they may get and run around with. Imagine these angels running around the area giggling with their playmates. Include puppets, bubbles, clay, disposable cameras and others. These can be the ones they also enjoy at home. Just pick up the ones appropriate for the event.   Assign an Adult to Lead and Watch over Them You will not always see them. That is why it is important to assign one to look for them in the area. This one will also serve as their teacher for some who is fond of school set-up and more. It would help as well to get the attention of the guardian if an incident will happen.   Serve Them Cute and Delightful Treats And while they are busy having their own activity, it is important that they should also be enticed with the kind of food you will be serving. Cute cupcakes topped with colorful sprinkles, chocolate mallows, cookies and more. These treats should also be in a nice and playful basket to complete the idea.   Who can suggest better than the parents themselves? That is why it is also important for you to ask the parents who will be with their kids on your wedding ideas. Make it a fun way for you to achieve a nice and playful kiddie area.

Choosing your Music for Wedding Ceremony

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Getting married and still has no idea what music to choose for your wedding event? With a lot of beautiful romantic music around, it is really hard to decide what to choose. That is why we give you helpful suggestions before you come up with your own set of music.   There are five main pieces to think about: Prelude, which welcomes guests while coming to the venue and is being played 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony; Procession, played while attendants walk down the aisle. They often change it when it is the bride who enters; Ceremony, a special song to serenade before reading or during the lighting the unity candle; Recession, should give a beat of celebration to everyone after the ceremony; and Postlude, continuation of the celebratory music that keeps the momentum of the event.   And here are the tips:   Match the Music to Your Theme There is no way that you play a contemporary song in a vintage themed occasion. Always consider the look of the place or the motif you have. Music should complement the theme and enhance the kind of romantic feel you want to achieve.   Select an Instrument To achieve a remarkable music in your wedding, be consistent with the instrument you are going to use. If you want a chill acoustic feel, romantic sax, classic violin. Magical flute or the usual piano, there should be a main instrument that creates a love atmosphere in the venue. The venue would help you decide with these.   Decide How Many Songs to Play Not just with what but how many. Prepare enough songs to cover the whole event. It is not good if your guests would hear just limited music. Collect desired songs before the event and/or request from your friends to help you.   Consider If Played Live or Not If you want your music to have live band or a soloist, then take time to visit their practice to make sure they get the music you want. You may adjust according to your taste. You may also ask your talented relatives or friends to help you. But choosing downloaded audios would bring less hassle but more usual for events.   Choose the Music You Want With all these, be sure that you get the music you want. This would set your mood in the entire event, so it is important that you get what you want. Don’t get music that causes stress to everyone. Make it a symbolism of your love and journey to happiness.   Be positive in doing everything. Spare time to get in touch with every detail without getting too much to cause your stress. Be in one with your partner and practice your conjugal decisions. Imagine these things would start an eternal adventure for the both of you.

Choose to get married in the Philippines

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It is always a festive celebration when it comes to weddings, especially in the Philippines where everyone gets involved. From the preparation to the post-ceremony, you will never get a rest.   Filipinos well-known for their close family ties, the bride and groom will have lesser things to bother in mind. And we listed some of the best reasons why you should get married in the Philippines:   All the important people in your life will have the opportunity to celebrate with you. There is no place like home and even foreigners who celebrate their weddings in our country feels like home. Indeed, the hospitality of Filipinos help the couple decides and also prepares whatever things they needed. They will have extra time for relaxation because most of their relatives would offer help and take care of some matters in their wedding.   Less expense. Compared to other countries, you will not need to spend a lot in matters that are not really important like travel, venue and others. The only concern of expenditure is the food to serve. A lot of caterers now offer packages with complete set-up—making it less hassle for couples. And a good thing about Filipino weddings is that you will get at least the half of your expense during the wedding reception. One of the practices Filipinos observe is the “Money Dance” where couples will have their romantic slow dance as part of the program and guests can pin their money on their wedding garments. Godparents usually give generous amount as well as the close friends they invited.   Exchange vows with the most scenic and romantic places around. You can choose to any of the historic, well-structured and awesome churches with different sitting capacity for you to select from. Aside from the area where you can exchange vows, hundreds of great locations are offered in the country to hold the reception of your wedding. From the highlands with cool breeze, nature-inspired gardens, beaches with great sunset view, or elegant indoor location—weddings in the country have the best of what it could offer.   Enjoy the rich culture of the country. Countless traditions are observed and still being practiced in the country. No matter how modern the mindset of couples is having, the culture still remains. But it preserves the culture which makes Filipino Wedding distinct and special.   These are just some of the unlimited reasons to celebrate this one special day for couples in the country. Spend the most romantic occasion in the most romantic location. Never miss the chance of this great opportunity. Discover it yourself and have a merry wedded life ahead!

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