Philippine Wedding Invitations

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Philippine Wedding Invitations

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, there are few things more important than the look of your wedding invitations. While some brides spend a lot of time choosing the wedding gowns and the location, often times the invitations are one of the last things that are even considered. When you consider your wedding stationery, there are essentially three types of wedding invitations:


  • Factory Printed Wedding Invitations
  • Boutique or Custom Wedding Invitations
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Wedding Invitations


Known Philippine wedding invitations:

Filipino wedding invitations often contain 2-3 attached insert pages for the invitation-reception, and entourage. Also, they're sent in exotic, natural fiber covers made of abaca, buri, pandan leaf, or raffia. Pinoys both local and abroad love these invitations to accent their events with a taste of culture. 

Philippine Wedding Invitations


Classic & Formal Invitations For a truly formal event, classic or formal wedding invitations are for you. With a combination of ecru or white paper boards and formal writing of text, these simple yet elegant invitations best suites for your wedding. 


Philippine Wedding Invitations


Modern & Unique Invitations Non-Traditional, Unique and Modern, These invitations suites couples who want to surprise their guest at the same time leave a memorable impression that will certainly set the theme for their wedding.


Philippine Wedding Invitations


There are several different ways to create invitations for your wedding. For instance, using offset printing is the way that you normally see wedding invitations displayed. This is where typical, everyday fonts are used. Here are some writing styles to choose for your wedding invitation:


Blind Embossing: Neither stamped nor imprinted, the raised and embossed image is the same color as the paper it is printed on. This uses a raised kind of print which is very expensive to create.


Calligraphy: A perfected art of handwriting using a calligraphy pen, which comes in many different styles. Calligraphy transforms ordinary writing into an artistic expression. Calligraphy invitations tends to be the most expensive kind customized wedding invitation. These are done by highly skilled and trained artists, so it takes time and money to purchase these kinds of invitations.


Embossing: One of the more expensive types of wedding invitations would be the embossed version. The process of creating a three-dimensional image in paper, using a combination of heat and pressure


Engraving: The letters appear slightly raised, while also indented on the opposite side of the paper. Engraved wedding invitations are coveted among brides and grooms. They are normally used at more sophisticated and formal weddings. People who enjoy a traditional style will likely choose an engraved invitation to make their announcement. This kind of invitation does take longer to manufacture so you need to make sure to order them several weeks in advance.


Letterpress: Creates the effect that the letters and images are stamped into the paper, creating precise characters that are rich in color.


Offset Printing: A type of printing that is used everyday on letterhead, newspapers, brochures, etc. Offset printing is not always the best choice for invitations, but does work great for extremely textured papers.


Thermography: Ink and powder are fused together for a raised lettering effect that compares to engraving, however the letters appear shiny. This type of style is typically used for a more casual atmosphere at your wedding. The print has the illusion of being raised because ink is heated and resin is combined to make it appear as though the text is raised up.


There are many wedding invitation ideas to choose from but it is most important to come up with your budget in advance so that you do not get carried away in the excitement of your upcoming dream wedding. It is very easy to get overwhelmed at the options and make a rash decision which could cost you a lot more than you had planned.


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