Top Wedding Churches for a Tagaytay Wedding

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Tagaytay City is among the top wedding destinations in the country. It has been earning fame from couples planning to get married because of its amazing features. With cinematic view, romantic breeze and other natural characteristics, this city cannot be denied to be one of the best places to celebrate a grandiose occasion such as weddings. That is why to help couples in preparation to their wedding, we give the list of the top wedding churches near and inside Tagaytay City.


1. Chapel on the Hill. Located in Don Bosco, Batulao, Batangas, this church is known for its circular floor plan. The pattern, which is called the Labyrinth, signifies a direction into prayer and meditation. It has a relax atmosphere that couples with the same goal may appreciate. This place is also surrounded by glass walls and windows.


2. Madre de Dios Chapel. This venue doesn’t just have the church but as well as the perfect reception—Tagaytay Highlands. Located in the same compound, you will have less hassle in telling your guests where they need to go. It also gives certain solemnity and romantic sense in the area. Its green surrounding also gives extra story to your occasion. 


3. San Antonio ng Padua Church. With its huge dramatic structure, couples would like to choose this church also to accommodate greater number of guests. Located in Silang, Cavite, you will still surely have a cold breeze. This location also showcases the different historical details as well as the great sceneries it reveals.


4. Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. Also with large accommodation, this long established church features high ceilings, and refreshing surroundings. With an over-looking of the Taal Volcano, it gives guests a perfect reason to just appreciate the area. It is also one of the favorites among couples because it is near the different wedding receptions.  


5. Transfiguration Chapel. A magnificent piece of art and structure, this place is not just known for spiritual purposes but of its great view. Designed perfectly with nature, it would give the marrying couple the best feel of romance. It is also identified as choice for pilgrims to go to. It is with splendid stained glass windows, and fabulous gardens around. It is located on a hilltop garden at barangay Kaylaway, Nasugbu, Batangas.


6. Ina ng Laging Saklolo. One of the most popular churches for weddings, this church also showcases beautiful architectural design. Every corner of this church has a story to tell. And not to forget its significance when it comes to spiritual aspect. That is why couples choose to get married in this church which is located in Sungay West, Tagaytay City. 


7. Saint Benedict Church. The grandiose Saint Benedict Church located at Ayala Westgrove Heights in Silang is one of the newest additions on the list of the most romantic location for weddings. You will see its splendid beauty at the entrance of Ayala Westgrove. It would surely complement the sweet serenity of your occasion. With white as its dominant color, your wedding would truly be pure and wholesome—as it should be. The inside would be another story to reveal. It will bring a different ambience of peace and sophistication that would surely match to any wedding motif. Indeed, there would only be extra ordinary feel that every guest would appreciate.


These are just some of the choices where you can exchange vows with your loving fiancé. There will be no greater feeling than to get the best church that fits your wedding motif. Decide now and experience a magical event only with the best gifts from nature.  


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