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Governor's Drive, Mabuhay Carmona, Cavite,

Southern Luzon’s only venue which is about 5 minutes away from South Luzon Expressway with an overlooking view of Laguna Lake.

phone: (046)483-5307/ (02)925-8574 / (046) 416-6214 / (02) 925-7647 / (0917) 302-70-14 / (0918) 928-12-96 / (0922) 865-26-85

fax: (046) 416-6214

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Experience the beauty and ambiance of nature like never before with ViewFort Resort. Celebrate life's milestones in a beautifully designed pavilion and function rooms that evoke elegance and comfort at the same time. These are just a few of the things waiting to help you ease into a state of relaxation and peace. With its landscaped and expansive gardens, this resort stands incomparable in beauty and service.

The property which comprises of almost 3 hectares of mountainous terrain is a great venue for all types of family events such as Wedding, Debut, Birthday, Baptismal, Reunion, Anniversary and other gatherings. It is also a great venue for Corporate and Institutional events such as Seminars, Meetings, Team Buildings, JS Prom, Acquaintance party, Retreat and Recollection.

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